so apparently something went wrong….

See vicky wasn’t your average intelligent gurl but she tries to get things done. she wakes up in the morning, does her rounds of chores in the house and goes to school. she tries to listen in class but nothing sticks…plus her friends aren’t  like intelligent either so there goes the  after school discussion amongst friends to trash out certain topics or mathematical problems experienced in class. so she goes home as frustrated and dumb as ever. slowly she embraces that old saying ‘ A girl’s place is in the kitchen’…..she adds ‘and bedroom where you become the baby factory ‘ she shudders at the thought of it.

she rushes home from school as she usually does following the shortcut through the market and gets home just barely after three, takes a cold shower and eats the left over bread from the previous night with cold tea owing from the fact that she is as tired as hell to put on the stove.

See vicky is the last girl out of four elder sisters, her dad which she could barely remember died when she was six and her mother has taken two jobs to help with the family needs. the oldest is pwerty much a control freak….acts like the second mama of the house…over 30 and hasn’t been able to hold down a man…well…not like any man would want an overbearing mama as a wife.  The second….oversized baby…eats anything as long as it smells and looks nice….’mama should start buying cloths that has an xxxxxxtra  *emphasis on the x* large tags on them….that girl wouldn’t be able to fit into a door barely a month from now. Now there is loila…Lord bless her heart….vicky adores her sisters but see loila is her fav….why? well apart that she is the most pretty of them all..she is intelligent and got dreams….big ambition to be somebody and make tones of money…she says she would take vicky with her. she lets vicky touch her things and doesn’t hate on her. she protects her.

so that fateful day…everyone back home…mama in the kitchen, blessing pushing them around as always and carol nimbling freshly cooked fish while mama cooks….loila makes an announcement….she has gotten a job offer in Lagos to work for a consultation firm, as their secretary…she leaves the next day..everyone was was vicky but her heart sank either ways….who was going to protect her from the world…who was going to play and talk to her and let her touch their things….she was happy for her though sad at her predicament. loila said she couldn’t go with her. vicky sulked all night…subconsciously said a prayer in her heart.

Early the next day…while they were ready to follow loila to the park…she got a text….recommending her to another firm because she was over qualified for the secretary position…and they were sorry that  they didn’t get across to her sooner. but credentials have been forwarded and they would get back to her unfailingly, …the plus one to it is that she would be given a higher position…the downside is that she would have to wait for 4 months. so there was a few tears shed, some hugs and one sly smile….she offered to carry the bags alone…see she was sad that her sister wasn’t going again that day…but she  was also happy she has four months of her sister, play with her and touch her things……four months of sister-bonding *she snickers*….whats would the world be without sisters?





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