Snap!!! Its past 8am and am supposed to head somewhere supposedly important..since i have just recently been freed from an institution…..yo!! Don’t get it twisted..i know you are thinking of a mental institution…the nerve of you * angry stare*…but no…sorry to bust your bubbles…its the higher institution . You do know what that is right? Where you go get a degree on some shit you wasted four to six years of your life *depends on if you read medicine or some course remotely close to that*…and you a degree…you convo and snap some random pictures looking goofy on some overalls and holding an empty scroll with wide smiles and the camera dude so happy..* yo men..i don jam mugu*..and clicks a thousand pictures and sweet talks you that they all pretty. See i love watching movies/series…the just make up my day when am all bored and Nepa is so friendly to have left the light for us for lik 3hrs after suffering us for 2wEeks. So no light means no water..and no water means i get really really angry..see water is life…you can use water for virtually everything..water…..whoa hold that thought *scratches head*…that would be a story for another day. I was talking about movies/series. Am sure most of you have seen 24…yeah right? I loved it madly…see jack baur is my own personal hero..kicks ass…disobeys the law, even the president for the greater good…dies and resurrects just for the citizens..yet they show him no love. Heartless son of guns!! Smh…but hey..he still protects. He is like the modern 007…only that he ends up been a sorry sight…you remember after the release from the chinese devils..he literally looked sick. Then when tony almeida effed his stlye up the more by being a bad ass…yo i could kick that dude’s ass with both hands tied behind my back and my eyes closed…. Plus i heard he *baur* went rogue..that true? * wondering why i didn’t finish the last episode* …*sighs*…but Jack ♍‎​ª̳͡ man…awesome!!! *hits chest*…*winces in pain forgetting that the twin towers holds residents there*…. Micheal scolfied was a pretty face…crazy tats all over his body and leads to places ya don’t wana be going ..* don’t even think it*….mastermindedly breaking his bro outta the prison and taking malam mugus with him…dude! Didn’t he know never to take the party to his mama’s house? …sweet sweet sarah suffers alot you know…with the head deeping into water and loosing her licence plus getting knocked up and only after much ado and the ..she looses all..well not technically but come on..why did micheal have to die..*i cried you know* he had to be sick and save all of them only to die..who does shits like that..? You are alwayz supposed to keep the fans happy….someone give me the director’s number. But wait..they never did find his body did they?…..ohhhhh *snickers*..i see what they did there…. Now something more promiscuous…peyton of the one tree hill!! *rolls eyes and coughs ..”slut”..under my breath*…see peyton *hop i got the name right..reminds me of the pyton spelling..hehe*…whatever that is*…she was the most confused chick. ..see i loved lucas..he was cute, and had the whole shoulder thing going and that drawl like an hiss that’s totally sexy…and he loved her. Ok first she dated his brother. Then lucas, and then jake with the kid and one artist *ugly dude* plus brooke’s hubby before he became her hubby. See that chick got around..suprised she wasn’t knocked up..maybe she was a constant visitor of the contra..dude..i didn’t say nuffin..don’t be looking at me that way….joor oh* *sighs*……anyways…peyton never saw the good thing right in front of her, not when he proposed. Not until he went all lindsay…that she finally realised..”You don’t know what you have until you are about to lose it to another woman”..that bitch woke the hell up!! Now they lived happyly ever after…*she still a slut in my book*…what? Am being real…ya know ya all been thinking it… Oh my all time fav….SMALLVILLE ladies and gentlemen!! *rings bell*…hot is to slut is to Lana *whoa u noticing any pattern lately?*…Tom weilling…*barts lashes and does puppy eyes to the name* big and strong, and had the white teeth and lil vamp not to visible fangs goin..oh shit so does lana! I guess you guys didn’t notice it right right?….*thought so*……superboy~eventually turned man..was all for lana…but those girls with fish brains ans confused rather frolicked around other dudes..even his sworn arch enemy..Lex luther! Dude she did him do even marrying him…their coach…*nigguh please i don’t mean whitey..* i meant Dean winchester from supernatural…* I love you Dean winchester…wearing cheerleader’s cloths,holding pom poms and doing “ILOVEYOU”signs in the air*…so yep…i was glad wen C.☺ka̶̲̥̅̊Ɣ finally moved on to loise..thought i thought she was too strong a woman for C.K…yeah well…chloe aka watch tower would have been awesome though but..she liked green leather pants better *MR Green..*winks*….. My most fav series at the moment is that….what..come on go for it…*sieving through your thoughts* Nope not that one….er..wrong…wrong again…dude hush up while i say it…VD…..yep..Vampire diaries!!!!! …..and something just came to mind..i quote..”There is something wrong with your love story…baby!!….”Salvages*..i mean what girl in her right sense would do two guys are is inlove with them as they do her..sickening..but that’s far fetched…still wrong though..but elena gilberth come the hell on!!!..the salvatore bros..??? Really?…see just so we get it all clear…i am on#team stefan#…elena and stefan…epic love story… But elena and damon..dangerous! Stefan is just stefane pure good..a ripper but good for her. Damon..*the bad boy tendecies..rily hot too by the way..*what am been honest*…ΐƨ just to explorative αη∂ dare~devilish. Why drive two brothers apart?….this hate is gonna go on for ages especially when she is doing his brother? WTfriGgin Hell right?…oh in that season 4 episode 10 in the classroom lockdown by liz *orignal vamp*….oh i cried! Stefan all hurt and broken and even going to allow liz wipe out his memory of elena. How could you? *making a mental note τ̲̣̣̥o̶̲̥̅̊ find her in the future and say “Bitch Elena*….sobbing*……….sutty slutty…so unfruity..*takes a deep breath*…. See bella slutty~kissed jacob…but who wouldn’t! Did you see that dude..up close and personal? Wow!! *fans self*…the girl inbetween the wolf and vampire, as if that wasn’t enough…she in real life has an affair with her producer or director of snow right who is married…mehn!! And she looked so timid *fear the quiet ones..#word#..poor Edward. See my take on this…she wasn’t sorry that she did it…screw the letters and public annoncement of apologies…she was just sorry she got caught….i heard at a point she wore his t-shirts and walking around looking so sad……” Oh A̶̲̥̅♏ sorry eddy..i really do love you”…who cares?…. On that note..”.tha.. tha..that would be all folks *mimicking the pig in bugs bunny*..while i listen to taylor swift….”Got nothing but your t-shirt on”…or “We are never getting back together” …….peace!!


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