Love? over-rated and what not!!

‘Love’, ‘Trust’…and…xoxoxo…*hmmm i know*…
‎​Love is so totally over-rated these days…you know? More people use it and only a few actually know what it is and what it truelly means and if they are ever going to believe it and let alone ever mean it …but yet it flies out of their mouth as often as they say “shit!!”
Three words, eight letters ” I ‎​Love You!!…we hear it so often and right now it seems to have lost its value….because its like a slogan for players to get some, divas to get a lil material substance, infact even kids have learnt the act of extortion by just saying the magic words…” Mummy i love you!! Can i have ice cream before bed? * puppy eyes*…”
Mum…”Awww my swepea…aren’t u my lil angel! Mummy loves u too. And no icecream before go brush ur teeth”…….imagine right?
What annoys me the most is when you are just meeting someone for the first time and the person goes “i love you!! like…”Really? That fast?… not flattered you see, infact am far from disgusted…because they think… *maybe over time it worked on other people and they don’t realise that change is the only constant thing and they should move with the times…yep!! Its the new age baby*Peace!!*…that it would still sell…
I don’t believe in love at first sight!! Nope ! * don’t be looking at me that way..*straight uninterested face**….often times people replace love with infatuation…you cannot possibly love someone at first sight…you get attracted to like…oh yes you get infatuated…you want what you are seeing and your tummy does backflips with the butterflies in it, maybe the front of your trousers gets a lil tight making it difficult for the lil man to move as he grows out of proportion… * oh don’t be looking at me like that…*…yes! You can crush on someone…and plenty mumu buttons follow…but love? Nah….its abit complicated than that.
Love grows…it takes goes through the fire…it gets tested and when it stands the test of time…then its Love.
How do you possibly know you love someone?…do you even know?..smh Shit!
Let’s try to define it shall we..? *cracking knuckles, breaking neck and preping shoulders*…simply put…”Very strong affection””..and some definitions add ” …and sexual attraction! *DiNG!!*..
The good book…”BIBLE”…sees love in a beautiful dimension…as been kind, not selfish, pure, not boastful…etc..
Man sees love as different from the good book as that of the way he sees two different colours. So its safe to say…God’s idea of love is so up there…and man’s idea of love is so down here..*dude don’t be looking down there THERE..pervert!*rolls eyes*…so anywayz…..
Back to it…how do you know you love someone?…well…that happens when you remove all the romance, sex, all the mushiness, the benjamins and the lil extras by the side and realise you actually still care and want that person in your life…that been content in just being together without basing your relationship on what you can get out of it…that trust and love is why you began in the first place…
If you love someone you don’t know why you do..because you just do..right? Because if you do know why…eg..i love him/her because of looks?* baby that’s gonna go soon..don’t last forever..not some forever living product*…or because of their wealth *..that fades away too*..fame * rising stars are found everyday*..or because of their Giggy-with-it state of the art moves ….*..don’t even go there!*..even porn stars give them some new ideas everyday….so please…if those things aren’t there anymore…is the love still going to remain? Would he/she still be insanely and madly inlove with you…. *wait you do know that there’s a big infact huge difference between loving someone and being inlove with someone right?…* another story for another day..* just so you know*….
So tread lightly! Love is a beautiful thing…but don’t get your head wrapped around it so much that you fail to realise when its a lie when said…love should be unconditional…not attached with strings….most definitely not that movie “friends with benefit with justin timber-wood-lake in it*…nah ahh!!
Most hated sentence i hear related to love…”If you love would do this …*which is mostly bad*…what ever happens to …doing something out of the goodness and love of your heart…why manipulate and blackmail a person into something he wouldn’t ordinarily do because “supposed love is involved?….screw the sentiments…” Love ΐƨ blind’…Bullshit!!!!
Love aint blind!! It sees….got two big eyes and great sense of humour too..
Love aint selfish…so ya’all better start getting selfless.
Players from the hamerlayers use it very well…you tell a girl that and she goes…”Yes mi’lord!! Anything for you!! * girl ama slap you silly*….you can’t play a player neither can you pimp a pimp same as you can’t toil with people’s emotions i mean dudes and girls alike that’s just plain wrong. Seriously though!! Karma’s a bitch…one day she’ll come bite you in the ass…and i hope she takes a big chump off your bottom..with her.
All am saying….be true! Be real..don’t say you love when all you want is nothing but physical,material and has a time limit to it. Love is a whole bunch of things to it…it brings smiles and good times and last forever when other things fades away…even Onyenka knows when she sang ” love keeps us together!”.. Ah mean come on.. When a kid looks up to his father as his hero, when your eyes gets filled with tears when a mother finds her long lost son and hugs him and buries him with kisses…love is a beautiful thing…everyone wants to love..everyone also wants to be truelly loved in return..
Don’t say it when you don’t mean it!! You do have a heart too right? * needed to ask* what?…………#TEAM~TrueLove#


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