Super bored

You think am kidding right? Like you just assume that this post right now has nothing to do with the title right?…how completely dumb of you! How do you reason such….it has everything to do with it. Yes!!! I am bored, so bored, extremely and totally bored out of my wits and the only thing that seems plausible is this at the moment…and here you are reading with rapt attention…who is more dumb now ehh? Mtchewwww…
Plus the fact that am hungry makes matters worse…and for the love of God i have no idea what hungrys me..*lol @ hungrys*….but my tummy is singing and am on my bed while the tv is on..and am listening, well…partially sha since i couldn’t stretch to get the remote and tune down the volume, so yes i listen with no interest whatsoever as a preaching is going on ..provocative tho..those kinda preaching that’s radical …very aggressive that you wonder how the devil would not run or fall flat on his ass when hit with such words…and then the prayers could drop his angels dead at their feet….yet am still hungry…what to do? What to do?…9:35 already…*sighs*…problem unsolved..
Ok, done counting the ceiling…like 23 squares, excluding the lil ones in one room…all white tho. Crap!!…nails looks so short now…*sobs*…didn’t mean to bite all of them…boredom sucks for real tho….because your mind tends to run elta scatter and do things that would make mother teresa turn purple…what those things are..i don’t know….
You know nigerian movies are just retarded..*no offence tho *…but come the hell on…i was passing by tho and while mama was talking..i stopped to listen, while that was in process i caught the sound of those their tunes they use when something bad is about to happen…thesame on all their movies….and then the annoying can tell the begining, center and the end of a movie by just the title, the song and sometimes the actors/ actresses..let me give examples, just incase you aint following…you can sing along tho..take my hand and let’s make dreams together…. =)) ˚°◦hahahaha .
_\\_! Seriously tho..
Jim ik…”Aggressive, woman beater..alwayz the new dude who just came from abroad, talks as though he was a sniffer of cocaine from birth..the dude who is alwayz boxed up, doesn’t take shit!..drives xpensive cars, randoms is more his thing.
Ramsey noah…” Lover boy…rich man’s son, never gets the girl at first, the good dude…” *never saw him acting bad dude guy in any movie…well apart from one like that..shit forgotten the name…*see i don’t pay attention*..where he was a killer..kinda evil*..
Hilda dokubo…”My husband beat me like a punching bag”..also don’t remember the name..but the wife beater was efoing bassey…the dude with the laba~laba ears like ET….lol,..yeah know you were thinking could slap the ears and it bounces back.
Anyways, hilda is a! She has more water in her eyes than river jordan, she is always a poor woman, widow, with kids, never begins a movie where she enjoys till the end.
Gentle jack….bodyguard…all kinds of body gaurd..wether police oh, herbalist oh, pimps oh, cultist oh..brotherhoods oh…all join. Oga of bad boiz. As in i ask myself why they can’t ever give him a gentler role…mehn..he is one dude that his name is a contradiction to himself…honest!! Gentle” name” and big, musculer, sneers when he talks and acts like a thug..mehn!!
Patience izukwu…” Wicked mother in-law, never ever likes the wife, alwayz pushes her children to do things they wouldn’t, love money more than her name,…”Wicked’..dts,..she acts it well damn!!
Pete edoche…”Boss!!..chief!! Oga Cultist..well…the leader of big men association bad boiz spiritual groups!!..he exudes auro of authority…by the way..loved him in things fall apart…* do i remember that song?let’s see..”Thinking”
” Things fall apart and the center cannot hold..mary akin is loosed unpon the world…”.. Did i mention i was bored?? *BTW…”Mary akin shit hmmm?…scratch that..i forgot what was said there and that was the only thing that came to mind…plus it entered…. Well..screw you..i eat shit!!! *shakes fits*
Mercy johnson, tonto decay..Ooops tonto D, and the likes too numerous to mention…runs girls, girlfriends..flexing babes…boyfriend snatchers,blackberry babes,smokers, smugglers,pimps..never wife materials…” Who runs the world..?? Girls!!…*in beyounce’s voice*…you can totally tell what the movie is about and the role they would play…
Darn right predictable..and its annoying…what ever happens to indepth, intelligence…throwing someone off and having a beautiful storyline and great movie…and the fact that they try and do copy and paste with foreign movies and fail woefully is the height of retardness…they make people dull…completely..we just see large asses and clevages being exposed, lots of booze..partying,..ritual killings and pimps and all the other shits..and we get to have part 1- 4…My God!!! *rolls eyes *…*sorry lovers of Nollywood…am just not a fan…*but wait tho…their soap operas are quite nice tho..totally prefer those ones..all time fav…” I need to know”..See bisi is all grown up…now acting as jennifer…making waves…so you see, am not totally horrible. I do watch something nigerian.. *wide smile*
Boredddddddoommmmm!!!!!! Shouldn’t it go worry somebody else…?
*going back to count the stars*…since i have moved away from the room and am outside..staring into space.
Did you know that one star is a million and one times bigger than the earth??….WoW!! how did the Big Guy up there do it?? …
.S….Am still bored!! Hola if you got any ideas apart from mine to keep me bizy..*winks*..


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