love is such a funny thing!!!

Love is such a funny thing!!
It sneaks up on you when you least expects it
Taps you on the shoulder and envelops you in a hug,
Smears your face with kisses
And smolders you with blushes.
Love makes you smile when you want to frown,
Beckons when you don’t want to go,
You’ll want to dance to the music of the birds,
And soar on the wings of an eagle.
Its not blind but instead makes you see,
Just how imperfect you are in yourself
And how your better half completes you perfectly
Your heart flutters like the wings of a thousand birds
Your tummy springs up with life with the dances of rainbow butterflies
Your eyes sparkles at the sight of your beloved
Your voice chokes on words
Your mouth seizes to speak.
The language of your body changes,
Your head feels like its about to explode…your love! Your love!!…just right there with you.
You are amazed on just how it happens,
No prior warning,
No heads up
And most definitely no royal entrance.
Oh the wonders of love!!
How you have no control over your burning emotion,
Wanting to climb the highest mountain,
And profess it
Never wanting to let go,
Wanting the whole world to just know,
Happy you are,
Here in the arms with the one you love,
Enveloped in an embrace
Cuddled and sweet nothingless being wispered in your ears,
Content not just in words…
But contentment in everything,
Staring into the eyes,
Hands entwined and hearts so bonded.
Oh cupid…you sly basterd!!
See what you made my heart feel…
No one asked for your opinion…
Would’v done fine just by myself…
Now i feel…i could fly
Not alone but with my beloved…*snickers*…
Well…now i might have to give the lil old man “cupid” a hug..
Your arrow sure caught straight to my heart…
For there in my love’s heart is where i’ll always want to be
Together forever
Where time stands still
And love grows freely.
Oh!!! Love is such a funny thing!!!

P.S…oh ok ok….ya might be wondering..but don’t bug ya’ll lil heads…just one of my mushy days..aint no biggie.
Just one of those think of prince charming and how he is going to come galloping down and sweep you off your feet…or maybe kiss you awake…if you dig the whole sleeping beauty thingie! Nope!! I would want to be awake and alert with all pouty lips thank you very much!!
Wishful thinking? Yeah well…everyone loves a good love story…fairytaled and all..without the wicked step mother and two foolish step sisters…*rolls eyes*…life would be a whole lot fun without nature’s mishaps.
*deep thoughts*…You see.. Have you ever wanted something so bad…like soooooooo bad with heart aching and tummy churning and legs weakening …eyes about to pull out of its sockets kinda sooooooo bad bad?…..and the timing is so wrong like you are like a dollar short and a day..maybe a thousand days late like extremely late?…yeah yeah?….really sucks right? …..#sighs#…well i kinda feel that way tho..
And trust me…i aint liking the feeling one bit! I feel like kicking my gut…but that won’t be reasonable right….the fact that i wanna do it should count…right? What? *raised eyebrows*….That’s how the saying goes….”Its the thought that matters”… let’s screw the action part shall we?… Awww gracias….so understanding! *lashes*
When you can’t have something….well due to circumstances and shit….well like for instance… nikki minag’s ass!!
…would you give up wanting that phat..really voluminious baggage that you could stand your plate on comfortably without fear of it falling down ass?….or you at least try to wanna own such prized possession…that some african women got in abundance they don’t have to bother bout nuffin…lolz…sorry nikki!! *flashes a smile..* gurl you rock….i ‎​love all you.. You go gurl!! ……
hopefully ya’all follow my drift right?
Well…am just saying…would ya want to play the whole drama of ..”What if”?….or use up any opportunity if it presented itself?
Eitherways…however life throws its darts at you….you do have a choice in the matter…plus…life is too short anywayz…everyone pursues what retreats from them anywayz…that animal instincts in man…sorta plays out one way or the other…
Where am i going with this? *thinks*..aha!!…let love show you its magic…and if one gets away…just hola fairy god mother to wave her magic wand and turn you into a prince or cindarella and you go do the sweeping….who says you can’t take matters into your hands #just saying#..
Lolz ok…we love the chase too…so..what tha hell!! *wide grin*…give’em a run for their money..
.S.S….~ Am all mushy today….yelz wharf? *straight face*…Am human…i got feelings too….go easy…sheeeezzzzz!!!!


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