People respect “STANDARD”! Get some!!!

Hola signors and signoritas…
Its been a long time i hollared at you guys…..missed me?….awwwwww….*dabs eyes*…i missed me too.
Sorry for the long silence…i had more pressing matters to attend…”Midlife crises*…plus the usuall nature circumstances….it could be a bitch. But hey! Am back…so enough of the hooos and haaas…and cocooos… about to get this shit started.
Just so you know…the weather was awesome….ah men…i could literally hear the rain man go….”Its about to go down!!’…the rain did wonders…the weather was freaking hot before…and right about now am trying not to freeze my behind to death…all sweater up to my neck plus am actually under the covers…its dark and i got a flash light…you know? …just ncase some alien strange was to make an uninvited entrance…ama stop that dude dead on his tracks with the brightest light he had ever seen…from my touch light!! Hmmmhumm…..*nods head*
So..anywayz..standards!!! Now that’s a stuff one….especially in the society we are in right now…we too comfy you know….we don’t want to get down on our knees..deep in dirt and get us some standards…we too comfy in our comfort zone…and our mediocre thinking…that shit had gotta change…not when its messing with our mentality…tssk!
Ok now…the whole “oga at the top”..ish…lolz ok ok ok…i had a good laugh myself…ah mean..that shit was funny as hell…especially when he kept pointing upwards to an unseen OGA at the top…and keeping a straight face…very confident i must say when giving out a supposed website of the NSCDC…. And i quote,….
Mr Shem…” The website?…
I cannot categorically give you a website now…and my oga at the top…”Pointing upwards*…would give you another one..!
Even though he debunked the whole questions of mulitple websites…he answered with confidence…
“Ww. *emphasis on the dot’ with him pointing downwards like he was going to actually press/click/or put a dot on the floor or table or whatever he intended..*…….ww.nscdc……..*of course the dead silence in the room where they were waiting for completion…and his…”That’s all!..with all surety. Yeah i agree…twas funny! Got the attention of the media…Aba boiz are making money from those cute t-shirts they are selling, even music videos springing up with the whole “my oga at the top” thingie…ok! We had a good laugh…but then one is above mistake.
Its not just a problem of grammatical error, its also a problem of nigerians not taking the time to be well educated and grounded in every field they find themselves.. I mean how many people actually know the actuall website? ..anyone? * looks left and right, up and down,*…anyone?…say the truth and shame the devil!! I bet only a handfull if am trying to be modest and shit…its uncanny really…leave mr shem aside, does his oga at the top know, or fellow comrads…??…yes we can blame him oh…you don’t know something…say you don’t!! No one is gonna kill you. Or say you aren’t sure and would get back to them.
Advice to everyone, ya’all going for an interview…you don’t need anyone to tell have to read and prepare knowing questions are going to keep coming from all directions. Even the bible says..”Study to show yourself approved”….need i say more?
So…let’s get familar with the official website shall we…its… Just ncase ya’all wanna go check it out. Leave mr shem be….lols but i can’t stop watching the video. *coughs*
But sha….not just centering on that…the nigerian system doesn’t leave room for such understanding…the elites makes the rules…and they don’t follow…they do what they like and still get the dough and the position. Majority of them didn’t quite get the proper education and yet they are ruling us. Put one of them on a hot sit and they wouldn’t be able to give out a decent history of nigeria.. You just know someone who knows somebody and get all the connections or be a boy to another or have a god father and your sit is sure….but we know that aint. Right.
We need to be setting some standards for ourselves.
You know, if corruption is being eradicated…let’s say in schools for instance and no one can bribe or sort or sleep with a lecturer or follow short cuts to pass exams or get into school….don’t you think that every nigerian youth would have no choice other than to actually sit down and read, prepare to make that happen…then their brains would be dynamite…because it would be used. We have some intelligent people who don’t know they are intelligent because the system don’t give them room to exercise their brain…instead when frustrated…everyone takes the easy way out…then we produce more incapable graduates who go into the labour market and cause more damage to the system!! Seriously can you blame them?
We need to set landmarks that are
Outstanding..lay out requirements that are acheivable..leaving our comfort zone and doing extra ordinary things.
Read more, get more intune with current affairs…be conversant with the happenings of the world…know things..apply knowledge…get to be well grounded and oriented in your place of work, school..etc…. Regardless of any situation you happen to find yourself, be calm, remain yourself. Don’t be too “Boss Conscious”. This was a challenge the man had. He wanted to please his Boss at all cost, hence, the phrase “My Oga at the top”. Refrain from worshiping people! Respect all, fear none. Honor all, worship none!
Ignorance can be very deadly…plus you don’t want to be misinforming people now do we?
All am saying…its enough that we get to a position in life and knowing you can do better but you choose to remain there because it supposedly gives you a little of what you need..yes! Half is better than none…but whatever happened to getting the best and never settling for less? *just saying tho*
People respect standards…they like the outstanding and what’s not an everyday-seen-known-plain thingie…
Go back to school if need be, get that extra degree,read whatever, do that extra thing to add spurk to you. Don’t be caught unawares….really turns out ugly….
Standards people!!! Get some..i swear it won’t hurt! Be the change you so desire…..let it start with you!!
….Alpha over and out!! Me need to get some me time jor…Phcn be doing us some nasties…God is watching them with 3D glasses…!!* flicks touch light off and on…takes it under my jaw and flicks it on…*..Lights out!!*..*off*


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