Blue Tuesday~

Feeling blue…well yes i should be…am really not in the best of moods. This is one of those situations that one chips in..”Shit happens”…so the next thing that comes in is…”Yeah deal with it!!”
How many of you got that sibling that you are always at loggerheads with?..*raises both hands way above my head*..Yeah?..well i do. Don’t get me wrong, me got nothing but love for the sibling but sometimes one needs to take a chill pill, be the grown up, act mature and take the higher road…there is a reason why..”Setting one’s self apart and be outstanding” been preached some times. But when the attitude and every other thing screams wrong…its just so frustrating and plain wrong. Ah mean…isn’t sense common these days anymore?? *blinks*…just for instance a lil kid gets bullied every now and then by one round-bellied huge kid with no front teeth and heavy voice and takes away his lunch…now the lil kid can’t fight back..really because he is so he just gets all the slapping around and then starved too…and as he watches the fat kid walking away..his heart in his hands..the lil kid could swear a thousand and one thing he could or would do..well..when he grows up…am sure one of them would be deflating him first of all, and strangle the bejeezes outta him!…lols well that usually doesn’t happen sha..but doesn’t stop the lil kid from wishing it.
Anywayz, just takes control and respect to get you past situations like that. If one doesn’t want to take the mantle, aint nothing wrong in you playing the mature one and taking the high road..someone needs to show..hey see..i can do me! So you either decide to play the kid and throw tantrums… can be the responsible one. Your choice!
Ok, is it just me or its plain wrong to start something you can’t finish?…why make someone believe in miracles when you can’t even make the birds sing…why let someone smile knowing you would eventually be the sadness that would keep them up @ night…why take advantage of one who didn’t have the faintest clue how devious you could get..?? Why let them hope only to be the misery…why open a heart only to let it fall to pieces??….just ncase you wondering tho…* don’t get any funny ideas into your head*….read a short summary…nikki..which was her name..well..maybe not her real name sha..meets a guy..obviously she is attracted to him, and everything happened fast…and just as fast as he came into her life he left just as quickly…now the ish was that..according to nikki according to mr stranger stan..if he was looking for a random hookup shouldn’t he have laid it all out on the table so she knows what she is getting herself into right? ..but instead, with his sweet charms…killer blue eyes and that lovely smile..she was suprisingly drawn…so when they met up..*silly her..or rather stupid her..oh..lols opinion tho*…she let’s him have her…*now that was a first on an all timer..*…and ofcos..she thinks..just maybe …there could be something there..see nikki already starting having the puppy eyes and googoo feelings..of a lovestruck puppy…, but that wasn’t about to happen..not even in a long run.
Next meeting, he was telling her…he has no intention of making anything futher. He was going away…and distance is a barrier…this was like a dagger being twisted in her chest. Nikki wanted something more, nikki thought that he felt what she did…nikki thought if you liked someone that much..distance would come inbetween…she needed to know and then asked if she was just a random hookup and fling before he disappeared. He says no..*well..ofcourse..he lied*..he just aint ready for something serious…* So WTF…sowi scratch that..WTH did he touch her the way he did for..ah mean come on? What was that passion so intense for?..lolz Nna na wah oh! A-hole*…see nikki played it over and over and over…if he says he did like her and she wasn’t a random hookup..then why is he letting go?..ofcourse, she had to be strong infront of him, but inside she was breaking down!…he promises to keep in touch. That too was a front!
She watched him walk out of her life…she tried to keep intouch, and he eventually cut her off..comms and all.. .now she is heart broken, totally hurt,feels less than herself and regrets ever meeting him ..asking what she could do….*well…should this be the part where i say..”Fish brain?”..or “poor girl?”…or just go right ahead and say..”Really some men are just A-holes”…*thinks*…well i think those about somes it up.
Well, i for one things he was just using her, you know, dude gats to ball out and meets a new chick..aims to hit that..sweet talks her, actually passes out to be an awesome guy..she falls for it,he actually hits that..afterwards he says he aint into distance and not wanting something serious…dude why didn’t you just walk the hell on and go pay for some… *straight face*….he ups and leaves without looking back.
For the gurl, Yup! Too easy…babes should know by now the bad ones comes in the cutest of faces,plus you don’t let’em get familar with the precious i mean come on! What tha hell was as she thinking? Smh. And think he would stay after that?. Shit happens sha, just sucks it had to happen to her…it was just too fast…i thought warning signs usually goes off in their heads when they meet guys like this or something…well doesn’t it? know what they say..”The heart wants want it wants!”…so best thing she can do for herself is to realise that she was in that boat of “feelings” alone, he never liked her, he was a hit and run. Screw the distance, if someone really did like you and wants to have something meaningful with you…really distance shouldn’t stop them…so that should have alerted her. Best thing…move on!! Pick up your shit and get…protect the cookie..don’t go handing it out as though it got a free pass tag with every dude’s name with a cute face and sexy appeal on it.
Now am plaining speaking to all ya’all…be careful! Dudes and chicks alike…don’t go playing with someone’s heart, toiling with their emotions and taking advantage…you don’t mean something don’t say it..don’t have something you wouldn’t want to have for keeps eventually…people got feelings..they get hurts…people have wants and desires. Don’t let someone feel happy and kill it..why tell them you would give them the world when you can’t even give’em nembe waterside…jezz!! *methaphorically speaking tho*
I bet alot of people go through this…its just plain wrong! Sad even. Why do people have to be that way..ah mean who does that????
If anyone does that to me..someone could get seriously hurt! #justsoyouknow#…*mean stare*…think of the other person as you would yourself!…maybe there would be less hurts and heart wenching! Gurls be sharp..jezz what have i been teaching you!!…….//
……….Infact got nuffin more to say!!!


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