Friends Zone

“”Brothers by chance…Friends by heart””
This isn’t about the friends Zone n shit…this is just the mere fact that some friends should remain friends and aint trying to be more than friends..simply because some people are good at being friends and suck at being more than friends..they just mess it up somehow.
*Not ruling out the fact that some friends shouldn’t be friend~zoned all their life..they need to man up and tell “their friend” whom they’v been mooning and carrying a touch for all their lives that they are insanely into them..bla bla bla..#thats a story for another day#….*
This is centered purely on friends who should remain friends..totally Zoned…it just can’t change..not because you hate’em, or don’t love or care about them…but the fact that you do and you wouldn’t want to ruin it by dating them and what if…what if something goes wrong…? With all the craziness that accompanies a relationship and everything goes to shits and you end up hating each other..and never speaking to each other and all ever again? Wouldn’t it have been better to have remained friends?
Am just saying though…that line shouldn’t be crossed cause when that happens…*assuming it goes sour#…#well not ruling out the saying that…”Your best friend is your best lover or its best to marry your friend because when the love fades the friendship stays…or your life partner should be your friend and all…bla bla bla…yeah i root for all that shit but…sometimes #Wait sha!! some dreams do actually come true and he/she may actually turn out to be your mr/miss wonderful *crosses finger and makes a wish*…..but what if it don’t go the way you plan…you both could turn arch-enemies …and that wound’nt be pretty!…it could turn ugly.
I get that most people hate being in that zone..but what do they know?…they are just sometimes concerned more about the tightness of the front of their jeans and the fantasies in their dreams to actually think with their head sometimes….#well… maybe with their hearts as well#…some friends aren’t meant to be! There!! Said it!! *shrugs*…hard truth!! Deal with it!
Ok let’s take this pratical instance…original names withheld..but she was my childhold friend of before-before..lols, well we haven’t kept in touch for a while tho..distance n stuff. Anywayz..this was what happened…
Rita had this very good friend..victor and yes he was a dude! *dude the name yo!! *..Anyways…*They were really close and stuff ..and things was going on pretty well between them as drama..well just the occasional between friends but that was it. But as a girl…you would know when a brother is feeling you extra on the know? I mean you do know that right?…when that brother got the extra smile going and lingering hold and shit, or endearing messages n bla bla bla… she noticed yet but she didn’t say anything…#now hol’up…..*according to her…she had had one two many bad relationships and run-ins with guys so she aint really a fan of getting right back in the sack just yet..and plus she liked him as a friend despite he was a cool guy and all and she didn’t think of anything futher with this she left it at that..#…thus she never indulged him even when he occasionally tires to steal kisses and she doesn’t even mention it at all…anyways, their friendship remained…going on strong! She was ok with that…but he wasn’t.
They see every once in awhile, because they stay in different cities so whenever they are in thesame town they meet up and hang, catch up you know? The thingies friends do.
# I wished she hadn’t this time#
So off she went! This time he asked her to come visit since he usually does all the visiting..she agreed.
Few minutes into exchanging pleasantries and tryna catchup he was reaching for a kiss..and as usuall she wards him off skillfully without hurting his feelings..jokes around and tryna change the atmosphere..anyways…after a while of pushing and asking and begging….she was like oh! What tha hell?..screw it!!
#Bad move#
One kiss led to another, first base crossed, second base crossed….and just when..she got the good sense #well.. that was rather too late if you’ll ask stop! And he being a guy of course wanted to go further but she already made some decisions bout not going all the way with a guy she wasn’t going to do it….she wasn’t ready for that.
Well anyways…they talked, laughed and whatever and she went home… And she noticed he became distant…and she being a girl asked..why he was quiet..he usually talks but this time..he seemed silent over their chats..he was nothing just watching a movie…she was like okay. But girls are usually very sensitive so..she couldn’t quite shake that feeling off that something was wrong, she sha slept on it.
#Gbam gbam#Reality sets in when….
The next day…she receives a text from her friend!…
“Sorry bout all that the other day…i think we both should just remain friends, its less complicated that way..Dear””
…….*OooooooooohH. Okkkkkk*
Is it just me or this is the part where we chip in..”AssHole!! WTF??#
I imagine a thousand things going on through her mind….i don’t even want to relay…but come tha hell on!! Seriously? No he did not!!
She was definitely filled with regrets. Felt stupid and and and what not.
So don’t ya’all think he should have remained in the friend zone..??
She wasn’t the one pushing for anything, he seemed to be carrying his tail in between his legs for ages,..he gets a supposed green light after all…and i don’t know if it was because she didn’t let him get to 3rd base, or its the fact that he never did quite like her or…#cracks brains….*sighs*…iono..#…but why that?…why did he send that?
So of course she felt hurt,..even somewhat used…# be careful friends..tiny lil thingies could ruin friendship forever#..
She didn’t know how to react, so rita just went silent. She later had the courage to ask, he went all religious..”Oh thank God we didn’t, we were hanging when we was supposed to be in church praying…bla bla bla*..
Lols that did it!
Her words…”Don’t ever start something you aint ready for.” So what was it all about then?..
An answer wasn’t forthcoming…trust me..that friendship never remained thesame…er..maybe kinda sha…its just going to awkward…
Thing is…he being a guy felt that this was actually nothing so he could easily brush it off..and whatever.
She being a girl…well its alot complicated than that…girls and guys are wired differently,..a guy can go around kissing a thousand girls without feeling a thing and don’t get emotionally attached… A girl can kiss a guy ..and she gets emotionally attached…that’s just what it is..I think!! *sighs*….that’s why the ad goes…”Don’t F**K with her heart bro”””” *well that’s exactly what it read…can’t hammer me for putting it out there …*Damn!!!
So bottom line…some friends really deserve to be zoned…i really don’t know why the text, maybe was his ego, or he was just fishing..but his actions did hurt her…victor would think twice next time.
Funny…and some guys be going…”Ah spite on the friend zone”..
Ah bet rita would be like..”I really should have let him stay there and shouldn’t have let him cross the line..”
Well, gues shit does happen to the best of us!!
Don’t get it twisted tho,…some friends do well as being that special someone, and some ..not quite much, so let’s just leave them there shall we, and save ourselves from such regrets, and shit! Hopefully, time would heal !
My fav quote of the day by my *crazyallputtogetherawesomefriend…*puleezzz don’t ask*….””AgaIN!!! U CAN’T ruin Friendship with Sex, Its like trying to ruin Ice-cream with Chocolate Sprinkle/. Damn IT!!!
To tell you the truth…I couldn’t agree more..!!
.s…better safe than sorry!!


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