Have you ever??

*Having the most saddest look on my face right about now*
You know that feeling every individual has every once in their lives about something terribly happening and they don’t want to ever experience it?… Just sympathise with whoever but nothing of that sort or remotely so…it just don’t and shouldn’t happen to you..right?
Have you every had that?
I do a couple of times tho.
For instance when i hear of such things like….
“oh! Danny’s being having those horrible tooth ache and its been swelling like for ages. He went to the dentist and got it pulled out. Hurt like hell..you should see him..”
Am like…*surprised face*..for real??
“Oh poor baby”..
……*Calls danny*
He can’t talk but murmurs his thanks…
“You’ll be fine swity. Don’t worry. It would be ok..and all the pain would be gone in no time ok? Kisses mwahhhh”
…..*drops call*…
“Shit!! That gotta hurt!! Don’t wana experience that.
Especially when i got two sisters and my mum who have gone through such ordeal…am like!! Hell am i going through that. So i have managed to cut down on sweet things you know..
*hiding the biscuits and chocolates Ricky got for me last night..shoving them inside my indomie carton*..
I really have slowed it down. Its been hard you know? Yeah tis been.
I feel their pain. Really do. That’s why i help them to chew the chicken, meats and those yummable chewables they can’t mulch. Aren’t i the bestest? I know right.
I wish for those kinda things not to happen to me. Seeing it happen to people is pain enough you dig?
But the saddest part is when something relatively happens, especially when you thought stealing fairy god’s mother’s wand to ward evil eyes away from you or wish off unforseen circumstances from coming your way would work but had failed instead* maybe its better off with fake fairy or it just springs to action for damsels in dire need of help like cinderalla *….rolls eyes#…
Well that sucks a billion bunch doesn’t it? *winces in pain*
Have you ever had it go terribly wrong?
Like i remember a couple of years back, while i was still in high school *winks*… We just lame back here in naija calling it secondary school. High school makes it sound tush don’t it eh?*
Sha…been a while back tho, i was on my way to school, on a bike *oh yeah thank God those have being scrapped out of the transportation system…too much damage*…
On my way to school, on a bike, slow and fast traffic,yes!! Slow and fast Traffic..Anyways, a car was tryna cut in from the right handside into the left where i was coming in from and with that speed and ours….headon collision and within seconds i was on the floor, blood everywhere.. Just me and the bike…which i fell with.. *when i think about it now…i think that okada rider was a jazz man mehn..because i still cant imagine how he managed to jump out of the bike..no scratch..and i fell with it? *baffled thoughts*…and oh yeah!! He managed to sneak away during the confusion and alarm and crowd and made a run for it!!
Anyways, just some scars to remind me of that incidence…really horrible exhaust burns scars mehn!! Shit!!
Buh am alright tho.
I thought or rather, i hear of such accidents you know..prayed too. Dreaded it!! And BOOM!!! I got flat assed!! Freaked out pwerty much you know.
Sucks mehn!!!
Now as though that’s not enough crazy…
Woke up with an excrutiating pain.
Doctor says ..” We cutting you up!!
Am like…” Am screwed!! Why is this shit happening to me??…is it because am black?? *cries*
Docter face goes from smiles to confusion…”Errrrrrrr
” I want my mummy”” * wails*
And my mind goes back just a couple of months ago…
My two sisters have also being cut off…
Oooooh oookkkkk..is it just me or you seeing the pattern here two…* notices a crack in the wall and i remember 40 dayz and 40 nights …when the dude notices a crack in the wall…when he was tryna be celibate..and then he thinks bout…..oya dude hol’up!!! * rewinds thinking faculty*…we talking bout pain here right and cutting up right?…so how did i digress?? The fxxk!!! …dude scratch that!!….*takes deep breath and counts one to ten backwards*…
……………………………………………………….So em…my kid sisters been cut up…the dreaded appendix bug!! Dude that shit hurts! The after effects, the hallucinations and glibberish talks and shits!!
Yup!! I was there. Saw it all first hand..aint pwerty!!
So anything i had a lil stomach pain…i run for the hills!

Mum..”Baby you ok!!

Me..” Sure mum!! Fine as a hulk..healthy as a rock!!

Sisters…” Dude..*looks @ me* you’v been bending over that table for the past half hour…and and..*looks at mum*..she aint fine. We should go to the hospital..dr Nnam..
….Cuts in…
Me…”Hush up dufuses!!
…….”Mum am fine..see *bends backwards..not without difficulty tho..*..see!! I feel awesome infact. Just some sily lil pain…its gone!! ..
…..I always come up with something to say. You see! I hate hospitals..hate the smell..the drugs..even the white paints the use..its all white and shit..and the nurses be having those fixated smiles..and you know they got nufffin but hatred and scirrors, and needles and drips and….and….and…. * sweating and boiling hot from screaming,…Calms down slowly*..
Freaks me out big time you know!!
I wish i could do the ABRACADARBAR and it all goes away and i do the whole…
” In your faces nerds…!! Yeah! DocsNerds and nursesNerds …aha!!
..But can’t.
My butt hurts from the injections, my hand feels numb where the drip was being passed through! Am cold! Peed like a thousand times…and the time is drawing near..
*Phew*…God!! *says a prayer*..take totall control. I know its a minor operation but still..Luke..the hell walker might wanna be doing some nasty tricks but You are the Boss!! Please let this OP go smoothly in Jesus name. Amen!!
….Well, still scardy cat in that department..the footsteps in the hall way is getting louder..my heart is beating a thousand times in one second..
…”That’s normal right?? Right??
Hmmmm the walls seems whiter all of a sudden..doesn’t it?
Shit!! Didn’t i just say that earlier??
You know, fear kills you before what you actually dread those right?..that bug is just evil! I swear…
….Knock knock!!!
…….Em ..er..ok …folks…well!! …i think those are the MonsterDoctors….with weapons in the hands and lies on their tongue…. *door opening slightly..*….with their while coats and gloves and shoes ….*widely now*……and and and…..
“Shit!! The hell is wrong with you people??
Nurse …”Are you patient 105 with labour contractions???
Me….” Do i look fat with a tummy as large as a football field or fat alberts ass??
Nurse….” Er…?? *confused*
………..Thought so….
………………….Niggaz n B.i.T…oh. Sorry..ladies..ama have to get back to you!! Need to re-evaluate some thingies!!…
.s…Be up in your faces after the Ops..*rolls eyes* not black Ops stupid!!..
Latas..wish me save tho!!


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