After all’s being said and done…Health is wealth!!

So its being seven days, seven hours, twenty-five minutes and fifty seconds i bugged ya’ll last right? Yup!! I have being counting.i aint got nuffin else to do than stare at the ceiling all bed ridden and shit.
Ya don’t wanna know the depth of such silence. But first of all, i gat to do the needful..yup!! So ya’all would have to bear with me..not easy yo!!
*gets down on my knee*…ok can’t do that….* tries to sit down, bends a lil bowing my head in prayer*…
….”Oh lord!! Thank you for a successful Ops. Despite all you came through for me! I am not worthy but still you kept me. I am forever grateful! I ask for a speedy recovery, cos this hurts like hell!!but still am thankful for being alife. Amen”…
Oh yeah where was i?
You know, you never really appreciates anything untill you’v been through it and you’v come out strong!
Health really is wealth!!! You can have all the money in the world but it still can’t keep you from being hurt emotionally, or having that accident or curing that Aids. So we really need to be thankful for every lil thing, for life, for family, for food on your table, for every lil thing we gat going for us…cos we lucky!!
We are alife today not that we the most beautiful…or that we perfect, or that we God’s most fav persons on earth… Smh ..No! No! No!No!
We are alife because of God’s grace. Not that we pure and white as paper. If we could see all the sinful acts we do behind closed sure luc..the hell walker would look like saint beside us. And yet, and yet..we stil here! Alife and well, whole and kicking. We really shouldn’t take things for granted you know!
That’s just plain wrong.
And yes, i shouldn’t ever take lil pains here and there for granted, else it wouldn’t have being this worse, yup!!
Doc said i got lucky..a lil delay n we wouldn’t be having this conversation! That would’v been the darnest thing right?? Yeah..most def!!
Lols….and my nuggets for sisters decided to vid my craziness after i got out of the theatre..and boy was i going crazy blarbing gliberrish and saying shit and whatnot.
The anesthesia wore off quickly and the docs asked if i was a stone-boned alch drinker?
Am like…”WTF?? I don’t even smell that stuff!
But well, i still woke up inside the theater and asked dumbed questions while i was being op-ed on like..
..”Why am i awake?
…”Where am i?…*oh and i heard i got the phonetics thingie going there like i was on an international interview and shit”…
….”Is there food for everyone?..
…”Did you go to the market”…*i think i must have reffed that to my kid sis*..
…”Oh ok..that’s alright that’s alright!!
…And countless bullshits like that and why i was in pains, what the docs where during, i wanted to read before i blogged….*must have reffed that to sweetspectives*….
Trust!! Must have being pwerty embarrassing. They had such a good laugh afterwards.
I was somehow awake and aware of what was going on,but my vision was blurred, couldn’t see, could hear their voices tho..!but the pain was something else…mehn!!! Like in...A.I.N.S….
Still am doh. But that’s not the most awfull part..well it is sha..but something else i wish i didn’t have to go through… *sobs*….
I felt violated!! *wails*
They saw!
They saw all of it.
And they were all male docs scrubbing in.
*crying heavily now* ….i was just there lying on that cold surface, all bare…with their unsympathetic eyes…oh i couldn’t look. Glad i didn’t have the hots for anyone there…oh we would have broken up afterwards!! Lols
But that’s violation of private possession right there. Right? Couldn’t i sue’em for that? *thinks*..
Anyways, i tried to avert my eyes from all of them after i woke up and was sound. Was wondering if the smiles on their faces was that they glad am up and about or the vivid vision of me on that table and one of the surgeon kept calling me….”Baby!!….”My baby you ok?…”Baby you cold?…”Baby don’t worry eh?…”Baby sorry eh”……
At the end of day i had to resign the smiles to be for both! Oh shit!! *closes eyes*
By wensday, docs said i was fit to go home!! Hated hospitals anyways, so boy was i glad. The stench, the sick people around..the white halls and white everything…i so wanted to be out of there…oh plus the countless jabs of needles, my arm all swollen with butt and thighs…. Jezz mehn!!
Plus i got up and walked the next day!! Praise the Lord!!! *dances in the spirit*
So am back home.Glad! Home sweet home!
Yeah!! Missed you’all too.
Healing in progress. Strict orders for bed rest…hope i listen. Laziness aint my fav past time. Boredom plus boredom equals to what??…Boredom+…lolz
Eitherways, need to be up and about before NYSC. Need to. Have to .
No compromise. No retreat no surrender!! *where did i hear that from sef?..
Sha still on still!! Glad to be here, alife and in your faces…hehehe
….But ya’all dig right! Health is wealth. No amouth of money can heal you when your illness passes “No comeback”.
So eat healthy, live healthy. Stay. Healthy!
Preciate God!! Give thanks for all!
One love my luvies!!


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