world crazies

We wake up each morning, all healthy and relaxed…sweet dreams , night snuggles and the comfort of family and that of your home to the harshness of this cold heartless world. Yes!! Heartless i say.

The kind of heinous crimes being committed, and the havoc and chaos of nature’s spitfire is just something to worry about and to be totally scared you know.

Makes you but wonder if the world is actually coming to end……but then again, that’s what we have been told for over thousands of years ago, way before the world became a global village and tushed and have forgotten all morals and walk around butt naked for the sake of fashion and people abandon the original and conventional opposite attractions to that of same sex marriages and shits like that.

The world has definitely gone crazy. then again….we were told that too. so we shouldn’t be surprised, but we are just humans….we aren’t robocops shock absorbers….we get hurt. we cry. we feel pain. we do wrong and make lots of stupid mistakes. despite how advanced the world has been, there is still a lot of global warming taking place and you would think with all the scientific knowledge we have attained….there should be less of havoc…..

Guess that’s just a necessary evil. like they say….to whom brain is given, sense is expected. but then again……

I can’t bear to continue reading newspapers at a go….too many deaths, too many accidents, too many sads at every wake……’the days are evil’…. the good book says………so remember your God, and work out your salvation….looking towards the mark.  one thing we should have at the back of our minds…after all has been said and done, the good, the bad and all we got going on…we shouldn’t forget to store up treasures in Big Daddy’s House… know …the heavenly manson…..and not concern ourselves mainly with vain and worldly things……because no matter how we want to live in a state of denial and delusion…..Heaven and Hell is real.

So you decide where you wanna be!

its not about abandoning all sense of reasoning…..its about been wise, doing things right….paving your way to righteousness and making sure you get a room key. lol . funny right? but then again……

We have lost sight of what should be to what ought not to be….and listening to what our desires and urges requires us to listen to…we arent babies. we know it all. we just love to look the other way.

All am saying, we shouldnt forget….thats all. you live once…why not live right.



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