She blinked once and then twice and realized she had slept off with dried tears.

She vaguely remembered how the evening had turned out from beautiful to bittersweet feeling. One minute she was having the time of

her life, and the next she was sniffing, head in hands n pouring her heart out. She dragged herself lazily out of bed..strolled to take a

shower, soaked herself in d bath n she was removing filth from her..not like there was anything..maybe just trying to

convince herself that by doing would help.

Got out from the shower, dressed up. Stood in front of mirror… and looked at herself. She was pretty enough…even beautiful. She

wondered why she let herself be treated this way. So she made a decision..for the hundredth time…knowing that for real this  time it

would…should stick. She said….its enough!

She had made mistakes..she wasn’t lucky..she had scars..scars that would take forever to heal..scars left for everyone to see.

they can do what they will, laugh, mock her, say things about her, but they cant break her. Its enough!

they can play their games. Break her heart..treat her like dirt..but now its enough!

they can hold her tonight but by the morning they give not a second’s thought of her..all that is gone…now its enough!

What matters is how she make her path here on out.. She believes in her fairytale ending. She knows that miracles do happen..and that

smile that would melt her heart..the eyes that would see just her..and the words that would make her feel like the only girl in the world

and the arms that would keep her safe and secure and the featherlight kiss to d forehead that means respect and put her to sleep. She waits. She knows its time to let go of past hurts.. To not hold on to things/people that don’t give or even care to hold on back..using excuses, complications or what ever they have got going on  these  days to put her in her place. Its enough!..she says out loud…its enough!

Ama do good all by myself! She wipes the tears that trekked down her pretty face, flared nose n swollen lips..dupped a lil makeup on so no one knows she has been crying. Steps out into d morning breeze, breeze coursing through her hair, kissing her chicks..n she lets out the bent-up emotions in a raging breath n takes in refreshed ones..for the first time in her life..she knew she was going to be ok. She smiled her sweet smile.and said again..’its enough! Am going to be ok!’. She walked off..forming a new path.


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