DEPTH#Joy unspeakable!!!

How can you explain the joy of a mother when she holds her little babe in a bundle to her chest?
A child she has carried nine months with no rest..
one who came out unscarred and now sucks at her breast!
Thats joy ontold!!
How can you explain the joy of that man..
Who sits on the way side..eats out of trash..and have little to nothing to survive cloths to protect him from nature’s wrath ..
that… today’s is his lucky day..all that he had alwayz hoped for and prayed for has being answered..all he has to do is take your hands and you’ll show him the way to his dreams..
He’ll never believe it..
he’ll jumb..he’ll cry..his joy is too awesome to explain.
How can you explain that feeling of when a few people who have being trapped due to some natural disaster and they had nothing to survive on ,but their prayers..days and nights go by, turned to scarvengers..eating anything as a means of survival..and then one sunny morning..when all hope were thought to be lost and breaths begin to grow slower each passing moment..and the calvary shows up…their joy wld be unspeakeable!..
Tell me how one can explain that joy that wells in ur heart.
.that feels ur eyes..
That makes you believe that miracles do happen and that sort of joy can be even humanly possible!
Can a miracle even happen to you?
Where you invincible to the world’s most awesome beliefs? The happiness that one feels when he’s gotten a job..
A big promotion!
A fat allowance!
A dream house..
That..that death threatening illness was just a a shadow in the past..
That beautiful family..
or being reconciled with your estrangled family….that’s joy unspeakeable!
We all experience ours at one point in time..
Some unspeakable joy…that would make you want to sing..
shout..or scream to your lungs dry out..
Just pouring it that someone can hear about it, be inspired about it…talk all about it..
Its all joy unspeakeable!!!…

P.s..let’s the hearts be alive!!
Let happiness sip through your soul..curing your very being of all sadness…let the smile curl at the corners of your lips and your eyes sparkle!! That’s unspeakeable..Joy in itself!!



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