DEPTH..”Sometimes..Almost really doesnt count”

At times you’v felt you were almost falling over a cliff..looking down, seeing the rocks and sharp ends, the deep water and bent the far beyond of no return..where lives lost were never found…and yet you manage to hold on to the branch …and pulled yourself up..yes u almost went over..but still there.
Where you ever at a deep end?..

Did u almost fall?..
were you so tempted..wanting to let go because you taught that you couldnt pull back up? That life would be easier if you actually let go of the reins of life..because it would hurt less?

Did life make you suffer?.
.Did you cry your eyes out..did it ever feel like all is lost and there was no hope at all? That your life was a total mess? And life keeps throwing you daggers and you continue to be hit in the worst of places..and sinking deep into the earth..been crushed by the earth’s crust?

Did you think he never loved you?..
Did he act all strange.. all of a sudden..or you just imagined and taught all the negative were there? No more calls, sweet messages, flowers, lying under the stars and holding hands while you walked or paying attention or hanging on to your every word..and you taught ..maybe he don’t love you no more..

Did the job feel challenging?..
Did you think you would breakdown..not even considering the possibility that a ‘little hard work would go a long way’? Or because your boss turns out to be the evil man behind the desk?..things don’t go right..your jobs seems to suck big want to blow everything to shits and give up..just because you seeing blackness at the end of the turnnel..

At times in life..we assume the worst when its not..we give up when we have not actually seen the world crumbling down..YET! we quit before we are told to.
we lament before an actual pain…
we breakup good relationships before finding faults or seeing its over sign.
we hate on families..we write things off just because we feel it aint going to end right before starting to see just how well you can do it..
make it..
achieve it..
And be it!!
Dont lose your head just because things are almost going bad or looks that way or almost aint over until it actually is…’nearly doesnt kill a bird’ ‘almost something..isnt an actuall something’…
so live the life..
Do what you will..
Because everybody knows..that..’Sometimes,..really almost doesnt count!!


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