DEPTH#..Ah! the stated obvious.

Lying down in the dark..i frizzled through my thoughts..
I must have thought up something pretty intelligent to write earlier…then i forgot!#smh
Outt of the mind drifted..more like the simplest things of life we all take for granted..and yet..there is bound to be some people who derive joy from it.

I must have had it all at one point..then they all meant nothing..;when the driving force that kept it going lost its value..something’s got to give right?..that had to go..GET!! I said.

I thought of love in a child’s eyes..looking up at their papa or mama..their hero..their role model, wishing to be’em when they grow up..whilst the parents wish they don’t…maybe because they fear they have failed at one point in their life and wished their kids are better off being better than they are..well that’s pretty selfless right?

Flashes of that special moment..that no one can explicitly define..only the one that felt it can really tell. Yet its buried in their hearts..locked away so only them can cherish that moment for ever…and relive it whenever they feel the need to.

I walked past birds singing..i looked around and saw nature at harmony..n synchrony..i thought..if only people would be this peaceful and enjoy what nature as got to would be a whole lot better.

I looked out the window..rain drops falling against my window..i wished to rush out in the rain..and my heart’s day! I said i will..when no one is looking that is..*i mused*. The papparazi’s has a way of putting your private life on the tabloids..sneaky bastards!!

i curled my feets under the pillow..i pulled at a strand of my hair..bite my lower lip..i couldnt yet understand all the facades of life. I thought n thought..rememberin that thinking is the hardest exercise ever..i gave up and tried to sleep.. And yet sleep evades me. Well aint that just dandy?

Its been hours..yet nothing smart pops up..i wonder whats clouding my inspiration..*wondering* ….then i remembered..’what shouldnt have in the 1st place’…
I should tell you?
*thinks*..well maybe i could ..but then again that would make me a squealer..and i don’t rat on myself! Cute huh?..yes i know.
Sha..what ever is causing this block..i thought to deal..’its a work-in’progess’!

Words wont make sense right now..but inbetween lines..seems to cover it. No?
Well! Sorry, not my fault! Told you earlier..
I yanked at the covers..pulled it up over my head. Shut my eyes..and forgot to turn off the lights..too lazy for that now…then wispered a little prayer..and hoped it would be enough.
Sent out a dozen hugs and kisses to those dear ones ..and slowly….i drifted to slip, because tommorow is another day..
I best be bright-eyed and full of vibe.
Everyone loves to have their A-Game on.. 3!! *winkz*


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