Honestly speaking…i have not the faintest irking of what am going to be talking about today ….so am just going to be yapping away whatever comes to mind..whether it makes sense or not…besides sef..:who ever said you must always speak intelligently like you are one harvad student or something..plus its not as though every dude/girl went to school…not that am saying i didn’t go..of course i did go..*so stop thinking that thought*….infact i graduated well…*Baba God na you biko!!! Forever grateful*…so there!!
Remove me from that equation..am just saying…making sense or not making sense with whatever comes out of your mouth is not a crime..not punishable by law…because if that was the case..the grammatical error being spewed by “Lady 1st”..has gone against all the laws of grammaticall errors put together..-infact a dictionary especially for her *ahem*..should be published…whatever happened to the special advisors to the seat..? Can’t anyone advice our oga @ the top not to keep giving Madame the microphone..or better still…get a tutor…the dough is there na..spend it and save us the ever rapt attentive citizens such blast from the high places..we plead to thee!!
*please tell me you got that…
That dumb?
So wait na..you want me to spell it out for you?
What ..yes?
You must be retarded if you think am that dumb to say am reffing to Dame Pat….*shut up bitch*…the fat lady that sings…
Ehen!!..Ona try eh..so when am being given the lastest dungeon in kirikiri to spend the rest of my life i don’t think any of ya’all would come pay visits..conjugal or not..nor breakfast in cell..so please stop begging with your eyes and silent thoughts..i aint saying shit!!
*uninterested face*
So still in the state of unfaintest idea…and shrewed honesty…what’s your selling point?
I have no idea what mine is..
And i hear people saying and even asking others and i can’t help but wonder if they too know what exactly their own selling point is..they even sing to it..
But really..:what is your or one’s selling point…#ICuriousDie
I therefore resign to that thing that gives you attention from others. No?
Er..ok. Maybe ,if its a girl..her assets..front and back..side and down..up and down…heh? For a dude…front and just front alone…*sha some got nice racks..@ back too…* Shaking your head still?
Hmmm *thinking*…oh i see…you mean achievemnets right?No?
So what tha frigging hell is “selling point”?
Sha..whatever ya’all selling..i aint buying..doesn’t make sense sef..
Don’t know why i bother with such nonsense..*especially when i don’t get it*…
What’s your selling point? *scoffs*…who cares???
One thing that baffles my senses of recent times is the fact that people of this new era prefer to stand still and let life pass them by..
Yes life is cruel! It got alot of daggers and it throws it..some people get hurt..some worse than others…so what?
Life is a bag of chips…and a added pack of bones..we have to live with our eyes open. Life happens to alot of people..yet some still manage to get up..dust themselves and determined to make things work for them.
Compared to others who decide to end their own life because things aren’t going well for them and everthing else goes to shit. Why don’t ya’all open your big brown,blue, orange or contacts eyes and look the hell around you..cripples everywhere, halfmen and children,the blind,deaf and dumb..the worse off of the earth’s scum…yet..i don’t see’em resigning their life to fate…they hustle..they get out there..rain,fire,storm or not..because instead of dying..they decide to want to live..and once there is life..there is hope. So stop pouting…you cry you don’t have shoes…see..someone don’t have legs! Don’t let me bitch-slap someone…
Well..that would be a nice thought to youngsters who waste their life by taking up arms and trying to make something for them selves..yes! We get the frustration..but comeon..it really doesn’t end well.
You would say…others did it..they are rich now and leaving extravagant lives. Why can’t you have such bliss yourself..
Well let’s see..at the expense of others..their lives you take, their lil means of survival..and all that and more..just to better yourself..does it make you sleep well @ night? Yes?
One thing about karma…it always comes back to collect..
Not forgetting…Restitution of the wicked!

Oh am sorry luvlies. Too serious a tone?
Well..that had to be said.
On a lighter note..
Did you know that..its a few days to camp and am dreading it..
Well…that’s the thing. I don’t know. Maybe being in an unknown place for three weeks..with different characters of people..am sure i would meet the good,bad and ugly..
The creme da la cremes, wannabes, freshness and and..oh i don’t know.
Have fun”..they tell me.
Mingle” they keep saying.
Learn how to shortput”…*i don’t want to envision*…when niaja go grow and surprise me sef eh? *rolls eyes.*
Endurance trekk of your life…be smart..make sure you have a strong dude by your side so incase you fall under the anointing..he can carry you”…they chip in.
*straight puzzled face*
….Please…what’s the use of this sufferhead in camp again?
Did they get it twisted @ one point that we all were training for combat…or going into the army..?? I studied something totally different…i see no connection.
And its this orientation some wicked..yes i call them wicked..because their children aren’t in the country to suffer such hardship in the camp..that they want it extended for two years.
May they shit strong iron and black balls with spikes!!
Don’t mind me..just venting!!
*cleans off sweat*…*arranging my bag*

Won’t be that bad would it?
I hear such troubling stories..its ok for me to be..you know..bothered eh?
Now all this talk is making me hungry.
I wasn’t planning on saying anything ..my thoughts just been spinning and my fingers ran with it..now my tummy is begging for attention. What can i say..am only mortal..
Really and truelly..
Your most silent thought is your loudest scream..


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