DEPTH# The Mirror~Eyes of a her heart!

Looking at u looking at me…i wonder what you see.
Looking at you looking at me..i see your face curve into a smile…i wonder what went through your mind.

Looking at you looking at me..a twinkle in your eyes..i wonder if stars turn to eyes.
Looking at you looking at me…words form on your lips..i try to read them and was astonished what i could gather..i wonder if you are mad or high or plainly pulling my legs. I choose to pretend i didnt hear.

Looking at you looking at me..eyes so burning deep into my very soul..seeing all that is hidden..mirror into my very core..heart laid bare..wanting to know all, wether i like it or not..without a moment’s doubt telling me you could handle it and giving me the assurance you would’nt run with your tail inbetween your legs…i wonder if you are for real.

Looking at you looking at me…my face close to yours but a feather-like kiss brushed against my forehead spoke volumes….still i wonder if this is a joke. Times past i would close my eyes and leap..but heart says yes but my brain says no!
Wait” it says..”Don’t leap just yet”..

Looking at you looking at me…hand in hand we take a walk..side by side we laid under the twinkling stars and painted a picture of our hearts desires on our imaginery cloudboard…i wonder…’what is this?’
And yet i said not a word.

Looking at you looking at that..a tear rolls down..swiftly you wipe it off with the tips of your finger..cradled me in your arms..shook your head and wispered sweet endearments..knowing am full of doubts but yet you insist..
“let ur heart decide”..
That you weren’t going anywhere and that am totally for keeps.
You bore your me a pick into said..oh you said such wondeful things…to the world and back you’ll go if i’ll ask you to, scream from the top of the mountain if needs be…tell the whole me till death and a day more..until the end of time..
“That you are mine as i am yours!!
I wonder how i could make my heart stop beating fast and slow at thesame time…twas like an adrenaline rush to the head..i felt a good way.

Looking at your lookin at me..i saw me in a different light..i saw the smiles,the laughter.. The heavens in your eyes..
Oh boy!! I saw things that almost made me leap for joy. I wonder if anything could top this moment..its a win-win for me!

Looking at you looking at me…a kiss to the knuckles, and inside of the palm..a slight touch to the shoulder..a little tug brings me resting my head on ur chest..
“i wonder what he is thinking!”..
Takes my hand he did,
to his chest he did,
And rests it flat there on his chest he did..
oh wonder if i was mistaken”?..
.but no!!
…There it was..the acceleration of his heart beat and i knew..
i knew..and i also looked back up at him..*bliss*
So here we are lookin at us looking at us..this moment..this bliss..the realness of all its finalty..and i wonder am i d only gurl in d world?
..And yes.!!
.He reads my mind..and says..
To me you are!!

P.s..Find that special one. Don’t ever let go!!
‎​love is rare. Only a few gets to actually taste of it!


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