Mixed Feelings!!!

*takes a deep breath and let’s it out slowly*…
So its being an incredible-tiring-annoying-stressful-wonderful-amazing- past week for me. Sometimes i felt jinxed..and wanted to blame all the witches in my village, other times..i felt awesome for God’s mercy and grace towards me and my family. Anywayz…am up and healthy everyday..despite all..so yes!! Entirely grateful to God. You do know that He Awesome like that right? * doing the knowing nod of affirmation*..uhhmmmmm!!!

So anyways,…
Like i said..tis being a twirl of emotions so…i have been giddy..in a sort of good ‘n’ bad way.
First i had this horrible pimples/rashes break out colony on my pretty smooth face. Like they came out to revenge on what i obviously had no idea of..and they refused to clear…and i have used all manner of face cleaners to ward this virus…yes it is a virus cos i don’t remember when last i had this thingies on my face…tis like..am reliving puberty all over again..but without the first red robot spill…*rolls eyes*…that’s one of the things i hate about been a girl…; the pain and stress of red battled field that can sometimes last a week, four days if you are lucky.
So um…yes! The Pimp-Rash breakout! Still here..all over my face…and it hurts !! Blasted things!!
I have to wince everything i have to touch my face to do anything.
Oh!! You thinking that am all gruesome looking now right?
No you aint thinking that?
You lie!!
I can tell you thinking up the worst looking face ever covered with big ass Pimples and rash that my eyes and nose is hiden between the hugeness of it.
But sorry to boost your bubble.
Am still pretty..!!
Am still me!!
If i don’t keep up looking pretty..who will??
Anywayz, its just that when you see me, that if you’v known me for a relatively long time..you’v just got to ask..
“Tha frudge is wrong with your face??”
And i’ll be like..”Mehn!! Wish I knew what the exact freeggin-frudge is wrong with it so i know what exactly to do to make it go away. But since i don’t know…please by all means feel free to revel in my dilema…* since most people who act like they care actually don’t *…or help me out here to fight this battle against this evil Pimp-Rash * and some actually do care enough to recommend some other thingies to help *..so i can regain my total awesome wholeness again. And i shant forget you!! Ever!!!” *toothy grin*

But then again…nothing seems to have worked. So..am still fighting the battle.
There is still hope for me…. YET!! * I pray oh*

Plus as though that wasn’t enough baggage for a damsel like me to be carrying….the malaria flu seemed to be going around and nipped me in the arse.
Down for a week…i took drugs more than the dopers of coke put together..for a week.
Dude i was pissing drugs…belching drugs..even puking drugs..and i still hate drugs!!
Mehn!! I wonder how people do that? *puzzled thoughts*
Sha..kicked that out by the middle of the next week.

Then…i and my friends met up together again..after graduation..in school…to find out where we would be serving our compulsory jail sentencing for one calender year #NYSC

The school or rather the unacademic staffs in the school had other plans to make us suffer first…
Yes!! Keeping a child/children/infact young adults under heavy rain, scorging sun,..soaked with mud ..and having all manner of creepy things climb our legs…before they would finally give us our callup letter!!! *Anger*
Paste it on time!! No they did not.
Give us an accurate time to come pick it up!! No!! Ofcourse they didn’t…”Come early they said”
“First come first serve” they said
People got there as early as ..6am..and some..infact majority left there..including yours truelly…*Me*..around 6:34pm ..still without.
Trust!! Twas frustrating,stressful and darn right annoying…i couldn’t bare to look down at my legs….i could cry !!

Eventually, untill the next day..before the sun smiled down on us.
Some of us got lucky..posted to good places..others..not so much!
*sighs* it is well!!
May God protect us all as we serve our fatherland!
Missing my friends already.. *sniff sniff*..
You know..this is probably the last time we might see each other again..not as though death would take any of us..*God forbid*
What do we say to death?
Not EVER!!
Its just that…we might all be at different places..living our lives..making a home..pursuing a career…making babies *chuckles*…it would be a long time.
Well !! Memories are always kept in the heart!!

So…am all packed and ready to ball!!
But..God in his many awesomeness…made sure i saw my lil bundle of joy..!before i get to be shipped off.
Baby niece was brought into the world! Such pretty babe.
She gave my Big sis hell though..kicking and turning inside the tummy!
So much live…such a miracle!!
That was my height of happiness!! Holding her in my arms..rocking her…a girl..finally..to join her two brothers..*smiles*…and her cousin..to have another girl to play with!!

So yes…tis been a packed past weeks..but am gratefull for all!!

I hope camp would be great?
I pray so!!

One Calender year of hardwork and labour….*sighs*

Ok!! Let’s go there!!
Wish me luck luvlies!!

..P.S ; i might give you a sneak-peek into camp live!!
Maybe though!!!
Winks n kisses!!!


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