“Youths obey..the Clarion’s Call”..bla bla..”Under the sun or in the rain”..bla bla bla

The NYSC Anthem…such excitement..such unison in voices..singing it with enthusiasm..with pride and heartfelt wholeness as the tones came pouring out..and the sound of the bands..vibrating through our bodies.
Ah! Yes!
We loved as the song ushered us into the service of our father land..patriotic youths of the nation..in their masses..pledging theirselves..one arm on their chest..the other raised up..eyes twinkling..voices thunderous as we were sworn in..feeling like certified bosses…well ..*snickers* we sorta are…four-five-six years of univeristy schooling..coming out victorious..getting our callup letters..packing our bags..getting on the bus and going to a foreign land..where only our hopes is what we grasp on to ..and whatever god we believe in..hoping for the best!
Yes!! We are Certified!! Names written in the book of life.
Soles sore from endless marching..
Brows dripping with sweat.
Our 7 by 7..the official complete NYSC uniform often soiled from..the opening of the heavens and showers of blessings..totally drenced…no movement..stand still….
“You are serving your fatherland”..the man-o-wars shouted!!
“You remember the anthem?
Under the sun or in the rain!! You sing it,you live it”
What’s your profession??..Weeeeeeee!!
Corpers be like…”Wahhhhhhhhhh”!!!

With the scorching sun…tanning, bleching ..blackening…
We serve our fatherland!
The reason for such drillz and confinement ..we know not!
The sound of the bagul in the wee hours of the morning..distorting our sleep process..rousing us from the delirim of our fantasys..urging us..to go out into the cold, wet or dewy morning.
Lifting our voices unto heaven..been preping and delegated.
Standing still..watching..eyes following the Nigerian Flag as Nigeria is being awaken! Probably drunk from the previous night..we know not..but awake it does..drowsily and slowy at first..then assumes position!
The days are long..the nights are short.
The foods aren’t homely..but we eat anyway.
We read, we sing..we compete..we win, we lose..we get inspired, we inspire as well..
We stroll when eyes of the Eagles aren’t watching…sneak in to take a nap when when we see an opening, dodge from rounds…we get bored, we get entertained.
We love it and we hate it.
We have fun…we wished we hadn’t come. We don’t want to go..
We love, we cry, we miss and said our goodbyes.
We made friends..got reconnected to family.
A long and short three weeks but a few lives where changed..some forever..some would just dust it away from their shoulders and never look back.
No matter where the course of life takes us…to the ends of the earth…or the next street…to the villages and cities of akwa ibom..to the tables of a school teacher…or the offices of the ministries…no matter where our PPA is..
There is still an undeniable fact…
We came..we saw and we conquered! We were here..we made our mark! We bonded..we will never forget..NSIT ATTAI ITIE UDUNG..*lols*

On your mark!!
Hoping for a great service year


2 thoughts on ““Youths obey..the Clarion’s Call”..bla bla..”Under the sun or in the rain”..bla bla bla

    • Helo caleb. Thanks for stopping by. And my regards to Temidayo. Yes i am in akwa ibom…adjusting to it.quite enlightening .new place and all..please stop by again, read, comment and rebc. Enjoy

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