Beautiful Serende

Time -22:25:00 hours

Day – Saturday

Mood- Penseive

SpecieType -Female

Specie- Human

Planet- Earth

Status- Searching……….

It’s amazing just how one’s heart works..
What it goes through and then you wonder how it still stays confined in your chest.
At times with all the pain, happiness and excitement you would think it would explode right out of you. But No!!
It takes it all in..every single hurt, every single burst of love, every single utter of absorbs… Maybe that’s why….whatever you feel what you is totally heightened.
The heart needs blood to pump and that blood flows through your body..reaching every core ..taking every feeling..through the body..administering, registering..understanding and relive it outwardly.
No wonder that saying..”Guard your heart”…is very necessary.
Though the heart is a powerful source of live..there is so much a heart can take…
Put too much weight on might give up on you..
Put too little..and you won’t get out the full potential of what it can give out in return.
Yet..the heart…the heart…*sighs*
People don’t realise just how fragile it could be..
How easily broken it could get.
How easily it could hate! Love!
…..”Oh thy heart”
“Precious pumping…blood flowing from veins to and back”
” Where treasures are hidden..”
Where emotions come riding out in full gala..
“Where the smile of one begins or ends…joys spring up or fall headbent..
“Where love dares to take risks…flying with reckless abandon.
“Where anger, hate and strife can be in constant conflict.”
The heart! The heart! filled with life…giving hope to mankind..
Tiny beats..seconds or minutes apart…keeps a stranger warm…stables his breath..enables swiftness and bravery..
…It feels all that its owner feels…
It knows the tear before it glinsters the eyelids.
It bubbles in the laughter before it reaches your lips.
It understands the pain…just right before you crumble..
It knows the caress of it’s lover..
Feels the kisses …falls deeply inlove before they realise that they are..
The heart knows it all.
It never begs you to listen..
To understand..urging you to walk with it and pave your part.
Oh thy heart…
…So much trials and challenges… would still stick around..because it’s stuck in you..
It’s your one true friend.
….Don’t let anyone…piss it off! They can’t afford it.
Its your heart. Yours alone. So let your heart show you the way to fulfillment.
Let it love!

Let it reach out and live.
Let it continue to beat that sweat slow/fast rythm..that melody that wouldn’t ever seize…music to the ears..
Guard your heart…you’ll be a happier person.
…My heart is me.!!! .


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