Hate it when everything seems to just unexpectedly spin out of control.
The earth seems not to hold its fort and keep you steady.
Things you’v worked on so much threatens to fall apart.
You seem lost.
You seem bested and all out on nothing.
Life has decked you its worse blows and you’v fallen flat on your face, not just too weak to also maybe ashamed to brave yourself to face the world head-on and right the wrongs been done you.
Its so frustrating when…at the begining of the year, you’v written out your set goals of achievements..more like to-do-list and know just where the ‘I’s dots and the ‘T’s crosses and how curvy a “O” gets before it reaches its meet-point..
You are totally and absolutely cocky sure and then one day…
Goes off in a smoke.
Everything, absolutely everything..Gone! Just like a flash of the light. GONE!!
It might take awhile, ages even..maybe Never to get your morale and strength and all that was needed to get your bearing back up..just to get back to where you were but that seems close to impossible.
Its soooo Aaarrrrgggh!! Frustrating.
But what can one do?
Wait on a miracle..?
or stake out a dare and plunge head-on to the dirt?
What would you do when you are all out of nothing?
Do you pray?
The religious ones would..that’s a sure bet.
They all too suddenly realise the one True Supreme Being whom they have purposely forgotten was there from their very existence and can change anything if He wills it.
Oh..they remember only when they are in their worst state. Not when the goings is good, rosy and all is right in the world.
Much more specifically when their world is in total chaos and in shambles. They fall to their knees, tears in their eyes, hands raised up and they call on Him.
Oh! What manner of God that He is, that despite their flaws and evil intents..He answers.
Only to those who believes and trust Him and have faith are previlege to tho.
Lucky eh?
Most definitely!!!
How about the ordinary humaniod huh?
Now those are the unlucky ones.
In a state of totaly dispair. What are they to do?
Run for the hills?
Give up hope entirely?
Or just suck up and gloat in the misery!?
Do you back down?
Do you give up?
Do you just become that little toddler and throw tantrums..which would just obviously richochet back to you.?
Mehn..this life sha!!
The weak perish and the rich become richer!!
Aint that a smurfucker?
Where and when would the world and its doings tip back to balance..?
Back to its original state of equilibrum?
Thing’s being messed up right from the begining.
Right from the time big ol’tities Eve decided to get all girly chit-a-chat with that venemous slimminess..and caused us this predicament!
Oh well * throws hands up in the air*
All that is need to point fingers and push off blames…
Afterall, no one forced doUch bag adam to eat the apple..if Eve was termed as gullible fish brain..what name would be given to him that thought through his third leg?
Well..wasn’t he?
Anyways..point is..IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!
Shit happens.
Infact, it already happened. Deal with it.
Life messed you up?
Well..GET UP and arrange yo’shii!!
No one is going to give you a shoulder to cry on..
That’s some gay shii right there..dude hugging some other dude or a girl squeasy-hugging another saying you giving’em moral-sympathetic-hug.
Mtchewww *rolls eyes*…dude get it together.
This world aint for the weak and feeble hearts. They fall by the way side and no one cares to carry them along. Sucks!! We know. But then goes on.
One door closes..retrace, reconstruct, rethink or re-whatever and get another game plan to take you to achievements.
See!! no one says it would be easy. Infact nothing comes easy.
So when plan A flops or whatever goals you’v set hits rock bottom.
Gear up and forge ahead. Don’t give up. Don’t rot in the bottom.
Don’t go home and suck on big mama’s sagging boobies. That’s just wrong. * straight face*
Don’t just aspire to be good.
Be better.
Absolutely great infact.
Life is really a bag of kpekere. But do you let it dry your ass out on the rails and spiked ropes?’ll go out there when you’v been kicked down and beaten down a thousand times..get right back up and show’em…”I Don’t scare easily.”
When the going gets tough ” you stand up!!
When the jobs aren’t there ” you improvise. You kEep going. You’ll get there nevertheless.”
When times are hard ” you keep trying still”
When the darkness strenghtens to blind you. ” You search for the light at the end of the tunnel. Its always there.
You just have to reach out..if only You believe!!


.S..This life is treacherous tho!!! *rolls eyes*


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