Something borrowed,someone Blue!!!

You really have been that gullible lil girl that gets to be played for a bowl of icecream and you get a lollipop in return?
You know it right?
And that general statement comes to your mind..
“Just like taking candy from a baby”
It burns i tell you.

Or what’s worse..
You being totally swept off your feet…so suddenly by a guy so good to be true.
Would say all the right things, do all the right things.
Be there when you call.
Rub your feets when it gets numb.
Kiss you so passionately..and hug you after a mind shattering explosions..wispering endearments.
Gets excessive jealous because he wants to be the only one you give much and such attention to.
Spends most of his waking and sleeping hours with you..
Infact he does all that you’v always wanted from a guy..
But yet..
That nagging feeling at the back of your neck..”Maybe he playing you”
“Maybe you just a past time. Once he’s found another hobby he drops you like a bad habit”..
Alot of maybes comes and plays around in your head.
Alot of them bad boys had thesame trend..
Be all mr nice guy and mr awesome i’ll be there to walk you till the moon and back..
But ofcause, the hit that, hit that again until a new game catches their fancy and off the go. Faster than the day “helo”!!!
And here, you mEet someone showing and telling you he better than the rest.
Wouldn’t run.
He’ll stay stay stay…like taylor’s swift’s .
Are you to believe him head on or be cautious, tread lightly and make sure he for real.?
Yes…make sure he for real.
Yet..he says..confidently..almost too cocky..and patiently that “he’s the real deal and only a chance can prove that”.
Chances are given..
The journey begins. Rosy..almost too perfect..wonderful all the same.
To close one’s eyes to leap and fall hoping for him to be there to catch you or not?
Too much eh?
Well..not enough faith.

And yet..the heart yearns and loves who it does.
And so..slowly and insanely so, you fall. With one eyes open and one hand on the rails..holding a lil back..despite the urges to late go totally. Something pulls you back even when you want to totally let go.
The ghost of girlfriend’s past hunts him and tries to put a dent on what you have together..
Nonchallant attitudes tends to raise its ugly head as concerns fratenizing with friends..and aspiring strangers-soon-to-friends or much more.

Sometimes things gets so heated up..there is anger, pain, hurts..recollections..unidentified emotions..regrets ..mistakes..somersaults of emotioms twirling around..causing chaos..

But love sure conquers all..because soon, the sparkles is being ignited. Memories of such shared intimacies lingers and brushes one’s chick with a featherlight kiss. Thus realizing that there is much more of what they share and would enable them always find themselves back to love..
Back to what binds them.

Despite…there are still lope holes that worries a fragile heart.
Onces that needs closure or constant explanations.
Onces that would need assurances to be healed.

And when the past through the worse and gets by.
When a time comes to not only prove something so minor to the one you love to the one you’v fam-ed with all your life…ears tends to perk up.
As Stevie Harvey would say it..” Either she is a trophy to showoff to people who are just as superficial as you are?
“She is one you are so proud and inlove with and takes home to mama..or Fam as the case maybe and treat her like a queen?
Oh yeah here’s another..
I remember vividy aboUt him saying..
“Once he takes you out, or you guys are together..wherever mostly and say..a friend, bruv, uncle, or sister..basically Fam or whoever matters to him shows up..distant relation or close or say maybe a totally stranger comes up and he relating, fratenizing and shii and you just standing there looking pretty and they wondering who you are.. And he suddenly does the introduction and says…
“Oh yeah…Greg or niccki..”If its a girl or a dude”…Meet…kara or jess or tonia..”Which is your name” and doesn’t add “my lady, baby, girlfriend, babymama, sugar mummy, booty call *lolz cratch the just messing with you* but ya’all get my drift right?
If he don’t prioritiz you or profess or define his terriority as concerned you.. Marking you perse infront of who matters to him..
Absoutely nothing.
You just __________ *affix your name ther.
You just that.
No ” kisha my girlfriend or..bla bla bla.
Just kisha.
And then later when you both are alone he goes stevie wonder/celien dion/john legend and babyface on you calling you his queen/woman/heartthrobe and bulshits like that and yet couldn’t do as much as “itemize” you both as being an item out there infront of him…
You should stake a rake into his butt and kick’em to the curb.
You don’t do chickens. So overrated this days.
You don’t do jerks either or dudes who tell you the world when you both are alone and disses you..or avoids that stated obvious when the paparazi is watching.

Burns i tell you!!
So really”..though hide and kiss was for kids these days.
A real man aint ashamed to shout on the roof tops professing to one girl he adores,!!

.S. ” Ladies loves a real man..especially when he treats his lady like a princess. Its prove that he was being raised by a queen. He’ll love her when she is there and when she aint. When she is looking and when she is asleep. He would love her to death and a day more.To the Moon and back. His heart..with true.


Burns i tell You.


4 thoughts on “Something borrowed,someone Blue!!!

  • Not all women do fall inlove wit d man dat treat her like a Queen..some ladies dnt reciprocate their love no matter Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω rosy they have bin treated…. Some used it as weakness against the man, some might nt fancy d guy.. blc they cnt find d beauty or swag in him… So stuff like this..wen a man take a woman †o be his everything bt all he get is “heartbreak” …..wat wud u say abt it.

    • Its a give and take situation. You give love to get love in return. Its important to love and to be loved in return. You don’t act nonchallantly and expect another to give an all..if he or she used to do that and all this emotions and feelings aren’t reciprocated but insteads bounces off as though it hits a wall..eventually the person would stop. As relate to your reference…its a two way street. She also must have been hurt sometime too so she ΐƨ treading carefully or she simply aint into him. No matter how strong a woman or man claims to be..somewhere deep down..they crave that awesome feeling. So point ΐƨ..if one’s ‎​love is true, it would definitely win, if she aint willing to reciprocate..”Let her go. Life is too short to waste on the underserving. But..note. Love is awesome when you love wholeheartedly and be loved in return. Letting go of the past, focused on the futeure. Mending broken hearts and being with one who truelly and utterly want in..Together.!! Shit happens, that don’t mean you can’t pick yourself up and do it all over again. No person is perfect therefor there would b up and downs, its your ability to work shit out. Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate it denny!!

  • Interesting writeup, situations like this put you inbetween the lines but there is always a silver linning to know where your heart lies. Most times the confussion of the heart comes out of selfishness to our selves

    • True! Also..those confusions born out of selfishness can cloud one’s judgement and emotions tend to twirl around causing choas. Thanks for stopping by. Preciate. Please you are welcome to poruse, comment and Rbc. *winkz*…

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