Dopey-eyed up!!

“”” Lanky he stood..smiles.. so much in mangnitude.

Words he spoke..and yeah I thought he was cute too…

so I didn’t think it was such a fuss to batt my lashes a lil bit, forgetting to shed my heart from cupid’s silly arrows too.
We talked and we laughed..and oh he was annoying lik a few..

we fought..he hated..and oh ofcourse..we made up just d same..:

And there he was..cocky n tall..confident like a tryant hawk…

Showdowing his amazingness..
Lording over others…

Winning my heart…
trying to get into my head..

..Prying my heart open..
Bearing into my soul..

but I laugh and I blush..just as every girl would..when the attention of a look-alike greek god…looking as though he has been created from a magnificient perfect masterpiece…

In all its perfection…

Eyes as clear as crystals..

Smiles as breathtaking as when the wind sweeps you off your feet..

Those lips.. Aaaaaah!!!
Those amazing lips…forming her name…
Breaking all her defences…

And when she thought such beautiful …yes! Beautiful…because that was what he was…in one word..”Beautiful”…person would even look at her…
Or notice her.
He did.
Right through her..saw her, understood her and ..into those eyes..she fell…so deep.

Oh sly bastard.!!
See what you’v done.

Fallen head over hills for this tall lanky dopey-eyed up stranger…
Such electrifying feeling..
And what tha hell..he sure knows how to make a girl fall hard…because he is doing it quite well. And loving everybit of it.

So I am..and he flashes infront of my eyes..I smile and shake my head..because he will alwayz…work the disguise. so much more to the the bulls eye I retort..but I look around and laughed because I hoped no one thought I was quite mad..:

but darn it to shickles!! A lil clowning is so not bad..because for him..I know..he would love us to do naughty bad:*. Lolz aye aye..don’t let it all go into your head..i tell him.

but then again..we don’t care! You are my romeo and i your juliet.. And we would just as well..rock this feeling till the end!!:D 😉



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