DEPTHS:-Trek of Midnight,sleepyness of Dawn..

HERE….OR….THERE? Wish twas known!!

I had often been told..yet i had often ignored as well. Was i wrng? Thought not..but why those it all feel alien to me?…Gosh i know not!

‘ doesnt hurt’..i wisper..but within the aching pain screams to heard..somewhere here
*touching the spot where my heart is*..
somwhere here.
Cant explain it’!
What does that even mean? I asked myself.
‘i dont understnd it’….in my confusion i shake ma head.
There is a thin line between reality and a mirage; what is and what is not…but was i to be blamed for that? The way it all played out… oustounds me up to this very moment.
Was being me that bad? Was being honest and true so wrong? Was going on a friendly terrain a wrong move? wasnt as if i didnt see the stated obvious from a mile away..i didnt hv to put on sum smart glasses 2 see streakz of went rainbow on me.
thought i cld deal fair and square…but thats one fire i shouldnt have played with..despite my naiveness in all this..despite that it wasnt on purpose,
Or sum interior motive behind my entire facade…
it is seen the way it wnts to be seen, no matter how hard and tirelessly i tried to dispute the fact..and as such as made an artist out of me.
It was unbeliveable!
Who would have thought?
. Didnt think i would have such vibes..and the words where like a dagger that twisted itself within..taking with it..a lil more that i could give.
Misty it was..for a long was blurry. I had to breath..needed to breath!
And so in the dark..groppin for some support..i tried to find my way; shedding all away as i move along the way..because i began to see what i didnt..
i began to think in a general context..wondering, if all sees as one?
oh ow horrible the feeling announced itself!!!
How horrible being mis-understOoded felt.
Night crept..sleep played around the corners of my eyes..dawn lurked behind midnight…the coos of nature’s birds refused to sing…wordz of true worth managed a smile..and that i am thankful for.
Gave me something to believe in.
Morning..oh lazy morning! Where as thou been? when the sun went down..i almost prayed for you. But the freshness that kissed my chicks chased away all the blue. Pray i”..i have..for all that i need to make it through..because its gonna be a bumpy ride ahead..i dont know how am gonna aim that true.
But one thing is certain..’everthing is not what it seems’.
The earlier one knowws that the better..and get down from that high trojan horse and dont loose some importance in life.
Now i see clearly now…never again allow the pull.
And am so gratful..for all that quaked new!.

.p.s…Know your places in people’s life and act accordingly. Its not pride, its self respect. TRUE LOVE and TRUE FRIENDSHIP comes naturally, you don’t fight for them. When a friendship tends to bring you down, let it go. When you put your all into a relationship and the other person doesn’t do thesame,let’em go.
When you are being mis-understood for all the wrong reasons, and you try to clarify and no one listens, stop. Stop trying to prove yourself to people who don’t want to care but want to bring you down. You can do without them. If they can’t see your worth and love you with your flaws and imperfections, they should take the back seat. Infact be kicked out of the car. Its high time you stop carrying extra baggage and live your life to the fullest. Life’s too short.



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