PH state of mind!!!

Well…technically, those dots actually don’t mean a damn thing. I thought i could come up with some genius intelligent shiii but apparently, that tiny bit of information was sortof evasive at this present moment…just go with it.
* pause*
*deep pause*
*deeper pause*
*exhales*….. Aaahhhh!!!
Ok! That was me taking a long pee.
Good. Done with that.
Oh shiii am sorry, am not always like this, “forgetful!”..
*weak smile*..
My manners are intact…
So goodmorning humaniods. The earthlings of this great earth.
Trust ya’all had a splendid night”s rest?
Oh i did too…thanks for asking…OR NOT!
See, its good to be home.
Wonderful infact.
You miss everything.
Even to the point of Ph’s killer traffic jam. *phew*
Mehn…there is really no city like this mehn! * well, except lasgidi sha..i hear you could toast a girl, take her out on dates, woo her over, shag her, knock her up, she drops quaduplets for u, they grow up and begin their lives and you could grow as old as abraham and yet that traffic is still at one spot..UNMOVING!! People literally are out of their houses at the wee hours of the morning way before the chicken coos…
That’s just sad.*
But, back to P-town. Yes, missed the traffic.
What’s worse, Carnniriv was in full swing and totally underway so you could imagine.
I seriously don’t see the fun in it tho.
Under the scourging sun, dancing and parading and walking long miles in funny ass costumes, sometimes half-naked, loud and sometimes annoying music and random shiii–“ts’ like that.
No! *raises hand in midair to stop you from that thought forming in your mind*
No!! I don’t fancy it neither am i missing anything.
Maybe because it wasn’t much fun last year which was my first, can’t blame me.
* but i think i would love to go for Calabar’s own tho. Nooooo..just to compare and contrast ..
* wide teeths showing*..
not like anything of that sort.
*mentality booking for that trip*
That aside,…
Ph is something else. Civilization and less of GREEN!
Ak town has lots of GREEN mehn.
I hate lots of GREEN!
Do you get?
Thought so. *smh*
Seeing a little part of civilization and then..bushes,plantations..vast long thousands of miles and acres of green. Pure undiluted Green. Stretching further down a million more and you’ll come across a house or two, a church, school, filling station, mini market, okada spot or keke which is their major kick of transportation and another long journey of nothing, no life..just green.
Houses are surrounded by green.
I see green, i think of crawling things..snakes, insects and the likes.
I love cemented, tarred or even untarred and less of green.
Glad that the towny area is abit ok, even though i expected more due to the hype of Ak town, but all in all..the Gov..he doing a good job.
Speaking of good jobs… Am loving that pedestrain bridge on NNDC layout mehn!! On Aba road close to gra junction or is it after it sef?
* thinking*
Anyways, Looks all tush and fancy. Really classy. Awesome project.
Sad thing is, just for “them People”
* long face*.

I want to walk through it…. *wails*
*remembers and composes self*

I do miss home though.
After spending all those hours on the road, you get hit by the smell of the city…”Hustlers”
The town that never goes to sleep.
AK town is much different, by 9ish to 10ish…town is literally going to sleep.
Lights are going oFf, shops are shutting down, eyelids are heavy.
In P-town!! Dude that’s a different world..*huhun nods head*
Its like…everyone comes to a city of vampires when the sun goes down, they come out in their masses…
Chicks on the side line pecking up for pickups and night bang-jobs tips,
Gabriels toasting up the fine-assed dudes * totally gross*, *you do understand that code name “Gabriel baaa?”
Sorry, i aint talking.
As i was saying…oh yeah!…clubs with killer arts speakers representing and trying to bring the roof down,
Joints and shops dangling disco lights…
Even kids are up.
The social networks always beeping because PH residents don’t sleep.
They are everywhere. Wide awake..full of life..its like an addiction…
That’s why i love the city…by 2am, you can still stroll down gra and don’t feel like jumping out of your skin that someone is following you to cut your body parts and feed it to the dogs.
*so..not.. insuinating..shii..!but you know what i mean..*winks*..still..don’t get it twisted*
Am just saying, you enter ph…you literally feel alife.
Its a good thing.

I do miss home.

The light supply….pure heaven.
Been home for over 12hours now and am not scared of my battery dying and me not able to post this on time….* widest smile ever* hehehe!!!
And everytime light goes and comes back in a few..
I literally scream…” And that’s how we do it in gra, ph city, Riv. S…bhuhahahahahaah”…
And i giggle and snicker and roll over and and have the goofiest smile on my pretty darn face…and exhales “aaaaahhhhh this is life” …
Pure bliss i tell you.

I do miss home.
The crazy ass niGgurs…
The friends..and fam and those forming famzing and all that and all that…* i see what I did there. But did you?*…*hmmmm……Wondering*
Being home, together with family is just awesome.
You get to relive all their a good way.
Laugh at all the silly jokes.
Make faces,
Be your darn self…unpretending..
Excersis ur rights as seniors or wallow in self pity as juniors cause you get to be boss-ed around by the seniors and you can’t do shit!
Even your ma aint gonna side you..
Instead she’ll go..” Respect your elders. Be a good child of God.”
Even when they slapping you right,left and center and they eating your ration and pinching your butt and taking all your friends that are pretty and giving you their dirty socks to wash or tell you to stay in while they get to go out.
Burns i tell you.
But its ok. You’ll get over it and relax into it. They family.

I did stroll in like a certified boss lady..
The shril of happy voices welcoming me..
The sound of running water,
Dogs barking,
Tenants peeping…
Cars blocking,
Haters hating…
Chicken on the fire,
Mineral cooling,
Water thirsty…
Almost immediately…
Hunger striking…
People bellowing…
Soap thief-ing *hehe*..
Gossips following,
Brothers getting fat due to less of pracking * don’t ask me*
Cousins noise-y
Girlfriend..,nosy,loudly, number one in too-much-of-every-thing,
Sisters drama queen-y..,
Friends…movie watching,
Pepperoni..not far,
Me wanting plenty presents….*wishful thinking*..
Phones beeping,
Boyfriends calling,
House on fregging uproar-yyy…*what does that even mean?..*puzzled expression*..dude i know what you baffled myself *
Dawn is approaching…
Twenty thousand eyes still awake..
Famz are jisting..
Rooms in disarray.,
Maids are leaving,
Nostalgic feeling,
HaPpy voices,
Laughter in the air,
Choking embraces,
Feeling alife,
Love in aboundance,
Family in good health despite
God has been good,
Aaaaah…haven’t even sat down. For up to 3hrs and all tOo suddenly the drama begins and its not an offical morning yet…


I do miss home and the drama.
Ah lil spice for the season.
PH state of mind!!!

…….*ducks as sister and couzin are struGgling over nothing too important at the corner and girlfriend is holding him down. See.. These girls..they both on the big side…and big uncle couz…he dig?
Aint no match for them big and strong girls.
*couzin is halar-ing…ye! Ye! Ye!! Ona go kill me oh!!!
…I continue my movie..he gonna need paracetamol after that play..
Why don’t i go to help him?
* aghast* Ah!!!..Gees, have you see me?
Am naija next top-model…in a sense..”agbani-ish”…aint no match for incredible women hawks…
Please ….* continues with movie*

Oh yes! I did miss home!! Glad to be home.
…..The craziness of togetherness…plus..those three can play. My bones are fragile. No thank you.

.S. ..lols no .s..just shoooooo!!!



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