From whence it is known..Dusk to Dawn encore!!!

First light.. A break from dawn’s first sight. Magnificient..totally incredible..picturing it from a photograhic flourescent.
One’s palm, obscuring the view from its explicit charm…shots of ray, that threatens one to go numb in total disarray.
Stretches..the twist and turns of man’s sketches..reflective, mental images,blissfully entwined in fantasy made out of dream pledges.
Yawning..inhaling like the world’s suffocating, eyes closed..nostrils flawed out..mist like clear cystals trailing a pattern down the chicks all burned out.
Feets down, bottom up..standup pushups , busy like a clown..breathing hard as though you got competitions all planned circle rotations.
Cold shower, runs down your body..making you wana cover, head first, hand in..butt and other essentials trying to get fast slits.
Breakfast in tiffany’s, oh dear could definitely dream..its just scrambled eggs and toasted bread..with lots of milo and creamy milk made out of something funny.
Up and thankful, fed and energenic…the prospects of today seems a little out of projectic.., but not too worry..i said a prayer before i left my bed layer..hopefully the words of God’s assurance would favour me thoughout and let me get all that i so whole heartedly desire.
Labour hard, knees and hands..dirts and sweats,
i have made up my mind that i don’t do bad, come pay day..i get to be paid as i come in not expecting to be laid..but paid because i do my best in the department and help them get made.
Focus, three words inspiration, pushing me hard past time, transcending throughout the set time..
Opening doors..seieving through..making ways..breaking dawns..hope is is strong…making a difference..right to the core.
At the end of such toss and fuzz, push come to shove..body weak from the days chores, home beckons..smell of dinner a sweat savour..
Cold droplets..brittles of the water running..towel over the head stops it from spilling.
Heavy eyelids…yawns throws mouth open..hands stretches to the back..a twist of such tiredness delight..
Sweet melody of the bed caLls out..her voice like such soothing balm promising all that is burned out, a word of prayer as the knee touches bare earth..surrending all ,both today and the future casting all cares to the one who is simply able.
In bed, shutter closed…peaceful blissfullness enveloping you as you draw your eyes closed, angels around..God always there never to leave you.
The moon..the light, the stars twinkling in delight..from dusk to dawn..and tomorow a new future and its bright.




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