Happy New Year luvlies!!!!

Happy new yearrrrrr!!! *screams and runs around, jumps up and down, high fives everyone, gives them bear-tight hugs, happy smiles..love bursting through..*
We made it!!
We all made it!!
*looks around*
All family members were here, friends and loved ones..even those who have grown apart during the years, those we don’t know, faces, lots of faces, thousand of them in the crowd..but the thing was…
“They were all here”
And for that we are glad.
Some fell by the way side, missing their way,..some buried six feet under, some too feeble and weak to walk through the path with us..
Those times were sad.
While we were kids, we held hands, we fed from our mother’s breasts, looked up to our fathers..because he was our hero..fought with our brothers, gossiped with our sisters and played doll houses and toy stories with them afterwards, threw tantrums when we became teenagers,..even rebelled when we taught our parents where too hard on us forgetting they have been there so know what is good for us.
We grew up..and made our decisons, some were bad, some good, some caused us scars..some scars refused to heal…
From there on..we made more decisions…made friends…some friends impacted on us greatly…good and bad..
We were still growing, some of us disobeyed the council of elders, refusing to aknowledge that our father up in heaven was speaking through them.
We taught we knew it all..
We continued.
Some of us…through live’s lessons..learned from them. Some of us..our scars was too deep and caused us our very existence.
Mothers cried, fathers held on strong, sisters felt lost, brothers became a shoulder to cry on.
This year..has had its turbulence.
This year has also had its amazing moments..
We made neighbours smile, we touched a child’s heart, we blessed a soul, we gave to those who didn’t have.
We loved, we kissed, we were made one,families was made, lineages was born. Life seemed sweet.
A mother’s joy, a father’s pride, a sister’s guide, a brother’s ancor…”Iife was beautiful in all dimentions”
Yet…some people outlived us.
Some found ambitions and pursued it. Some had aspirations and went for it. Some dreamed dreams and made sure it came alife.
Life wasn’t a bed full of roses, some beds had spikes, some had thorns..some just made good use of rumpled sheets and made it quite beautiful. It wasn’t perfect but it was something.
Still…some faces we miss, some we don’t seem to remember, others never left us for a second..we grew up, we grew apart, we found eachother, we made histories, we became legends of our own works.
The Good times..
The bad times..
The times worth holding dear..
This year have had it all.
Now, may years later..to this present day..
We look back and be greatful..for all the memories…the laughter, the joy, the tears, the smiles, the love, the sadness, the bliss, the unspeakable enduring love of the father, his infinite mercies, his amazing grace, his open doors and unlimted favour,..
For finding a voice to speak,
For standing tall when your knees want to give way,
For flying to the greatest heights, soaring as high as an Eagle..
Oh…what a year!!
Some got all their heart’s desires..
Others are till finding their way..
Some others have already come into their place of rest..
Others are hopeful for this coming year..the year of abundance and coming into their set place..
The New year…
Happiness spread out like wings over the place…
Sweet melody of praises going up to heaven..
Hearts full of joy, hearts expectant..
Ushering in the new year with earnest and anticipation..
Show of expert finess of fireworks..
Beautifying the sky with beautiful serenade of rainbow colours..
Such beauty..
A thousand..even a million..thousands of thousands and alot more uncountable pairs of eyes..looking up to heaven at that moment…as the clock chimed midnight…
The uproar of “Happy New years!!” Filled the place..
Everyone basking in the ambience of love, peace and contentment.
We did it!!
We all here..
Faces…family, friends, strangers, loved ones, we made it!!!
It wasn’t as though we were too perfect.
It wasn’t because we were better than them.
It wasn’t because we were holy, far from it.
We’v made our mistakes,..
Learnt our lessons,
We went through the wrong paths, we hurt a few on our way up, envious of those who were at the top,..we were selfish, we hated, we did quite alot.
Yet we are still here.
It wasn’t because he condoned our sins and loved it.
He loves us so unconditionally and as kept us..
The least we can do is Do things right this year.
Set our ways right and glorify God who is in heaven..
This year, we remember those who didn’t make it..
We pray for those families and that they have the strenght to bear their loss and see life and give it a meaning..a reason to go on.
We made it!!!
We totally made…
Everyone was here.
In flesh, in spirit…together we made it!!
For that father, we are most thankful for.

Happy New Year My Luvlies!!!


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