Jar of hearts!!

Who ever thought that the peircing of one’s heart could hurt so so much.

Who ever thought that one who you gave your heart freely to, unrelunctantly could look straight into your eyes and lie to you, unflinching, with no remorse.

Who ever thought that life could be so hard and you would work your ass out trying to achieve something but at the end of the day..it looks as though you’v wasted your time, your energy and effort you’v put in there because it turned out to be nothing.

Who would have thought that the ones you call your friends where just there to take from you..empty you of what and who you are and leave you there to dry out, hanging from a rope like you’v got no identity. They were never there for you when you needed them most, they came when you were hurting only to have a piece of you, to share in your dispair so that they can laugh about it later on. To indulge in your fantasys and dreams only to steal it away under your nose.
To act as though they would pick you up when you fall only that they were pushing you down and removing the ladder for you to climb back on.
They’v jeered at you. Judged you..despite you’v given everything up to be there for them, help them, ‎​love and care as a friend would.
What more??
What more..really?
Would you continue to allow them cut the hand that feeds them?
Love them when they so desperately try to harm you., envious of your better self?
What more…if not to love them still.

Who would have thought, that that beautiful eyes you looked right in and lost yourself in would be your undoing.
That lips that swept you off your feets would be that very lips to lie to you, peircing your very soul like a dagger twisting itself in your very heart.
Those hands that caressed you would be those hands pushing you far far away..
Those sweet endearing words, wispered into your ears might be nothing but endless emptiness..making you fall deeply into that abyss you thought was heaven that was simply a fantasy that was never true.
Those passionate nights spent, locked in endless embrace..twirling tongues tied together..chest against chest, breath on breath..fingers interwined..kisses taken and given..hearts bursting with ‎​love..
Was that real?
Was it all pretends?
Was this to take place with another stranger, sharing thesame moment you thought was just for you?
Would it be given in thesame intensity..such momemtum…such bliss?
Where you the only one..??
Oohhhh!!! ‎​love can be so hard..
When it’s begining to feel that what you’v been told is begining to turn into a lie.
When they begin to hide things they would ordinarily show you.
When they begin to steal away just to be alone with another.
When they get over-jealous of you with mere casuals and they are apparently relaxing in the ambience of such company?
When all their attitudes and feelings begin to change from what it was to now that it feels as though its a stranger before you..
They knew you..
All about you..
Knew how to make you smile..now they don’t even try.
Knew when you were sad and tried to make you feel better, now they don’t care.
Would tell you that you mean the world to them..wisper sweet nothingness just because they mean it and ‎​love to tell you.., now its feels like ages you’v heard it.
They used to love your laugh..now its gone..they didn’t notice.
Hated to see you get hurt..,now they cause it..
Where was the person you feel madly, insanely terribly inlove with?
Where have they gone?
Where they ever there?
Did you dream it.. ?
You felt that love.
You are still that one you loving.
Its just the person aint giving it back.
Why the deceit?
Why the games?
Why the drama?
Why does love have to be so painful?

.Love Sucks!!!


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