Happy birthday Me and Mum!!

…..Just before the clock chimes Midnight…on the 12th Day of JAN..
While a dozen thousands souls slept..
A few was awake..amongst them..there i was..wide awake..urging the hands of the clock to move faster, to the remaining few seconds ..Tick tock tick tock it went…
Sleep came…we fought a dire fight..i ended up winning not without bags under my eyes and endless yawns…restless twists and turns..just to stay awake…it seemed to be a long time..
Heavy eyelids threatened to shut down, i would force myself up,splash cold water on my face, feel the shiver down to my spin..
That always bought me a few minutes and the battle began again..
A few more to go i hoped…
During this endless conquest…
My mind drifted to my yester-years…
I vividly remembered my childhood..it was something of a blur..
I remember happy moments with family,…i also remember the sad..the struggle..the ups and downs…
I remembered the laughters we shared together..i remember the promises we made together..i remember the values we placed on each other…i remember that family is everything.
I knew..probably that is..while i was a feotus in my Ma’s womb i probably wondered subconsciously what i was doing here..enclosed in walls..in total darkness..yet i felt save and secure.
I was been protected..i was been taken care of and fed and i grew from some tiny lil cell..to something human-like..that was worth living.
Mama should have had a hell of a time pushing me out, i probably gave her hell..and she probably tore her nails into her flesh and pulling her hair and screaming at the top of her voice in pain..
I don’t know, maybe…seeming i wasn’t a fat baby..maybe not so much..
But am guessing as soon as that tiny lil bundle was out and she had her body back..am sure i was also a bundle of joy..especially after five siblings..i was the newest..
Am sure i was adorable too *wide smile*
While i suckled at her breast am probably wondering…”er is this normal?””
Yet it felt like the most natural thing in the world.
I would open my tiny mouth and bellow in the wee hours and she would rush down and pick me up and calm me down, make funny faces and clown away…
Am sure i loved those clowny thingies because it would make me laugh and forget my tiny-winy- problems.
My lil fingers with sharp nails would probably injure her a few times..yet she would bring them to her lips and kiss’em.
Pat my tiny soft bottoms while she bathed me and johnson’s baby-ied me up..
Feed me and put me to sleep.
As the growing years ensured..i would talk more, scream more, play more, grew taller, laughed more, smiled a lil…learned to walk after crawling, sit..stand,run.. I wanted to do everthing.
Years later, am that teenager..that shy lil girl…who only let go when family was there.
Outside to the world… i never quite knew my place…too timid to find out.
Yet, Ma would always encourage me..
She would sing my names and pet me..
Siblings would join in the chorus…that would bring a smile to my face.
Slowly and surely…the flair of insightful awareness bared its head…
They urged..put them down..don’t forget them..write your dreams down and run with it, never stopping till you achieved it.
That i did!!
That i did.!!
Year after year, while time moved..the world changed..i became a year older…
On that particular day of the that particular month..each year..i felt older and wiser…
I probably made decisions, i probably broke some..went all the way with the others.
While they sang me a “happy birthday…”…said a word of prayer…i would feel loved..when friends would remember and wish me well..i felt as though i belong too.
Mama would gather me into her arms and speak blessings…pastering my face with kisses. Though they may or may not have gifts..which didn’t matter..their love towards me was worth much more.
Years later, much older..
Came to realise too late…that despite we all had birthdays and celebrations we thought lil of Ma.
Only to find out that Ma and I..were birthday mates..
How cool was that?
Especially when i get the whole…”You look more like your mum when she was much younger and your age”
And i would be like “oh really? Awesome, it explains why we birthday mates”
And i would literally feel good about myself, literally.
So everyyear ever since, while i celebrated myself and allowed everyone celebrated me..
I never forget to celebrate the most important person in my life..
She who birthed me..rocked me to sleep, allowed me to throw all my tantrums without throwing a fit back..
Smile when she gave her all to our upkeep..
After eight kids,she still looks radiant and young, beautiful as ever..
A beautiful soul…worthy of character, God’s child…faithful christain..always urging us to the good path..never letting us go astray..
We might have given her a lil worry..well..we were kids..yet..she loved us still.
I may not have much right now Ma..yet i’ll appreciate you in every little way i can.
I pray that you live to enjoy the fruits of your labour, coming into your rest. Love you Mum. Happy birthday too.
…..Almost midnight….Few seconds to go..
Had the silliest smile on my face..knowing in just a few minutes..it would begin and i need to be awake for it.
Tick tock tick tock..TICK TOCK TICK!!!FINALY
…The Midnight Song…such music to my ears…Five minutes later I was extremely excited.
Wow!!..A year older, can’t wait to call Mum and wish her too. Whoa!! Wait, ok she would be asleep though..but what tha-hell!!
* Dancing*
And immediately…the love began to pour in..
Such a wonderful feelings to have such wonderful family to begin with, Such friends who care.
We just need to be grateful for the ones we have..they make everything worthwhile.
I went on my knees…simply to Say “Thank you Lord”
“I may not be the best of persons..yet You still loved me, protected me and provided for Me. What more can i ask for than to be totally grateful. For everything especially for Ma and i”

Fully satisfied, i crawled to bed, holding phone near, smiling into my pillow and let sleep come.
It was my birthday..so i might as well be fully rested for it.
Happy birthday to Mum and Me. Wishing Us God’s blessings with Long life and prosperity.
……..With lots of Love and kisses.
………………..I Love you to pieces!!!!
…..How old am I?
Dude don’t even go there…*straight face*
Singing ” Go switness, its ya birthday..we gonna party cos its your birthday*….lmao.



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