RiTa N.O.W!!!

This letter from and to has no similarities or resemblance to any known factor,incident, persons or events. But if you know the person to whom it may concern or you know the person that has such troubles..i fully deny any acquintance. Wether this is fiction or non-fiction i live that to your imaginations. Whatever fact or fable you deduce from these, you are entirely responsible for your lines of thoughts. Therefore…carry on *uninterested face*

The Company of
Wakama location,
District 9,

No.69 slave town
From aggrieved
District 8,
Rosey town

Dear Madam,


I, Rita Nwanchukwu Onyenbuka Williams. An employer of your esteemed establishement in slave town wish to ask for consideration of resignation.
Madam, i have been working in your establishement or should i say company for more than three years..where i do more manual labour than most of my colleagues. I barely have time to a decent lunch period because before am done with the bunch of files/documents and list of TO-DO’s on my table..lunch time is over. Am always the first to come and last to leave, and sometimes i go for coffee and snack runs just because some superiors in the office decides to exercise their position. Well..all is well. That’s not even the painful part. I hardly have a social life. I work mondays to saturdays..24/7. I don’t complain but to top it off, i have been in one position for over 3years now..”Receptionist”. I would take calls, fix appointments, cancel them, run errands, make home calls, fix up booty calls for bosses, break up with boyfriends or girlfriends, download porns, go shopping, drop all am doing and travel to pick a boss’s kid or parent, go for burials on behalf of another, hide one’s mistress under my desk while their spouse comes to look for them, bend over while your boss hits a golf ball from the apple of your ass..etc. You see the lot i have to go through just to make a living to get by? Yet no raise. None. Nadah!! Not even a “thank you” leaves their lips to water your ears and grease your heart. Its painful mehn. That’s not even the worst part. Madam, i don’t even have a social life anymore. Heck!! I don’t even know what “social” means anymore. I don’t fratenize with the neighbours because i wake up early and scram for work and come back late while all them neighbourlys are snoring their way into Neverland where peter pan lives forever with lil fairies and kids that stay young forever. Its frustrating. No hangouts, no social call, no calling up besties and saying “you wana catch an early morning breakfast or midnight snack, or even a cuppa? Or even a midnight cap?..*sighs*..and to top that..i haven’t had a mind-blowing, earth shattering,explosive shag in like ages and i feel as though am going to scream soon and pull my hair because my horny-well is over a 100 degree cent…and if i don’t get the release out of my system i could die..literally. Lack of mind-blowing shag can kill..didn’t you see that advert? No? Oh well *shrugs* how’s that my fault. Am frustrated, stressed, over-worked, less-paid, no social life nor close family to lean on, am one shy away to go stark raving mad if i don’t get some-some soon, or Before i get with raping a fellow colleague in the office…maybe felix right there who has been orgling me for the better part of two months trying to get me to have a drink with him. Problem..he got a stench that can make my hornyness go stale ..don’t think i can bring myself to kiss him. Ewww! What ever happened to mouth wash mehn? If he could get paste and bring along to the office.i wouldn’t judge. Oh oh..maybe donald. Well *accessing donald right now*..nice height, too competitive but that don’t matter. Ok looking, abit on the chubby side.that’s ok too. Am more interested on his manual tool attached to his body. Problem. He talks to darn much. I’ll grow old and die of starvation of shag before he can get his boxers down. He has a word/saying/phrase for every lil thing with explanation. Am sure he’ll go “why! really are you horny,? Should we go fast or slow? Eh should we go first second or third base? Should i kiss you here, here or there.? You know intimacy is beau….*me* oh dude shut up and get in is what i’ll be saying in my mind.ArgGghhh!!
Oh ..Goodie!! *rubbing palms together*..that sight looking like a Greek God…duke..sweet sweet duke. So uptight and serious, with that blue peircing eyes, dazzling smile..perfect chin..even his square shoulders are a turn on..Gosh!! Those hands that can cup a B-cup twin towers without flinching * sweating*..flat tummy that goes all the way down..firm taut buttocks that looks amazing in those jeans..and that front..that amazing bulge in the front that keeps all the girls tongues waging out like a dog..obviously stating the hugeness behind that zipper..who wouldn’t want to be the victim of that racket..that machine..that tool he wedges so much…gosh! am gonna cum just by looking *squeezes legs together tightly..fanning self..stifling a moan through the lips and biting lower lip*..now..that duke almighty would do just fine…please please look this way…but no he doesn’t. See ma’am..am pained. You don’t know how much. All these can drive a girl crazy. Am not up to the menopause stage which means i still got alot of time to be hot and catchy and mind you..i can get it on…like really ON! If you know what i mean *winking* Being here all day through sunday…can’t make me achieve that.don’t you have a heart? Don’t you..?
Madam, am pleading to that womanly virtues that propels that feeling..to allow me enjoy the fruitfullness of my needs…maybe, i could come back with a raise, better office and a cute man intern for my P.A. What do you think?? *am trying not to be overly expectant but it won’t hurt. A girl can dream right??*
Thank you so much ma’am, hope you do understand all i said..its a matter of life and death. No pun intended. As you accept, you’ll fulfill a girl’s desire and help the needy.

Yours trully.
Rita N.O.

.S *what?
Ok…just incase…you forget..go back to the top..and read Disclaimer.
*wide goofy smile*


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