That much anticipated month “Febuary” gradually crawled in..peeking through the shutters of January..acting as though it don’t know how much everyone, infact the world yearns for it to make an entrance..
For that particular date within its calender days that every heart beats in unison..
For that number that pluses two sevens together to give it a one and a four that got everyone mentally taking note unconciously and subconciously..

“FEBUARY”…those tiny thought momentarily seeking to be part of.
Plans are been made..opportunities opens up a pace..finances are been geared towards achieving certain things..
“FEBUARY”..echoes in everyone’s mind….
The giddy smile of a young girl that follows that thought..
The blush that christens her cheeks with such pinkness..
The racing hearts as though songs are been sung on a battlefield..the feeling as though drunk when she forgets to say, think or do…and does nothing only that she did do it but can’t seem to remember what she forgot.
The sweaty and iching palms..
The lightness of her feet as she danced on the path as she goes along on her way..
The dresses laid out..
The songs to be song..
Stolen kisses to be made..
The giving of one’s heart away..
The heart caved out in love and fashioned in chocolates as it melts into one’s mouth giving them a taste of heaven’s best…
The promises of one’s love to the other…
The falling of one, knee-deep, soaked in, line and sinker inlove..there is no stopping them now. Her lover awaits.!!

Febuary!! The love month.
Where the hopeless romantics goes out on a frenzy…
The crazies going all frantic…
Electrifying love in the air..
Kissing everyone’s cheek..featherlike..
Brushing them while they passed..patting them on their shoulders..glistening their eyelids like dews from an early morning harmattan..suffocating them..causing them to be breathless..sweeping them off their feets.
Febuary smiles cynically. Whether its a He or a she..we can’t ascertain that..biased or not..we definately don’t know that…but it toils with us nevertheless..playing Cupid God..uniting souls..caressing hearts…pouring out love and blossoming our hearts..making it grow like flowers on a garden’s terrace…with rainbow colours that brings such beauty even the Virgin Mary would tug up her upper lip in a secret smile…
Cupid! You sly basterd…you bring such happiness but never stay to make sure it wasn’t a fairytale.
Febuary danced around…like santa, it went around dropping not black jarcoles..because it believes that everyone must show love or be loved…everyone is a good girl and boy. It never descriminates.
Fourteenth…a significance of love and death..a lover’s tale that transcends through time…causing the world not only to remember the ones that were lost..but also the ones that are still there.
Lucky are the love birds..encircled in their embrace..cuddling in their warmth..professing their true worth.
Special are the ones that would have no one..but would be blessed to find total strangers showing that sometimes…touching one’s heart and bringing a smile to their face would give one so much pleasure.
And for others, without the beauty and attention of a greek-god look-alike…*ok that was a joke*…but you get my drift don’t you? Don’t lose hope..somewhere, out there, not so very far away..in a not-so-distant-future..:he is waiting..as you are..just a lil faith..time and chance would bring you two together..and trust you’all would make up for the lost time.
You know….Never forgetting that its not just about lovers…sharing time and showing love to friends and family is not so bad..be a free and cheerfull giver and sharer of such abundant and beautiful thing called love.
Afterall…its Febuary Everyone! The love month.
And maybe for others…it got a lil bit of blue and gloom..but its alright….life is a bag of chips anyways..but it goes on..and we might as well make it to be what we want.
P.s …Cupid and arrows..lovers and chest..all blossoms as it comes incontact with the rest.
Butterfly kisses er’one!!! Mwah!!


2 thoughts on ““BLUE FEBUARY”

  • Goin tru U̶̲̥̅̊r article reminded ♏e of Ђơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡ω I spent ♍♈ val.. In as much as I was single on dat day , it was still one of ♍♈ very best val celebrtion. ℓoℓ….
    It was a gathering of beautiful single ladies and handsome single men, though ready †o mingle bt just cudnt get d rght date on dat day.
    I love U̶̲̥̅̊r article..just kip it coming.

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