Tiny fingers..mother’s lip will bite. Soft buttoms..a pat and a rub giving the lil babe so much delight. Squeals of laughter..bubbles and water..the lil babe will joyfully banter.. All these are a pride in a lowly woman’s hide.

The tantrums will begin, the hallowing and crazies..all these a mother allows..because its one of those first plights..they are kids..some things just don’t pass up. And she’ll remember not so long ago when her baby’s eyes looked up to her in amazement..she was a wonder and he was her pride.

Now an adolescent..the will to go and do what they might..disregarding a mother’s warnings, achoring to a father..not hindering what was said..youthful exurberance in full height. All these a mother sees and hopes for the light.

Years come ..abit too soon..a bit older..all too mature..while their mother is old and frail..papa not too awesome on the rail..lil jnrs and sisy fully understand.. The depth of toll their madness as taken on their folks..from while they were mere now they are made..children can be a whole lot of case. So there and then..they try to make good..all the wrongs ..right the paths that they have so gone and torn..put the smile back on mama’s face and let her know that her children are the world’s best doves…

tender in hearts..blessing to mama’s bosom..All these and more a mother wishes..all in her poor old heart. Children can be a torn..but they are much more.

Children…Joy to the home! No matter…*winks*


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