Letters of THORNS#2#

Disclaimer:……this bears no…oh forget it!!…whatever thoughts or reasoning you deduce from this..you are entirely responsible….. Leggo!!!

Dear Patrick!!
#I hate You ..Patrick!!
Today I hurt more than I have.
I realised that loving who
Doesn’t love you back
Is the worst pain ever.
Today I let Go.
Today I’ll let the tears
Today I’ll remember you,
Today I’ll love you for
A long while and I hope
One day you’ll realise,
You alone let me go.
Today I hurt more than I ever have.
Today I saw my love turn to hate.
Today I washed off your lingering
From my self.
Today I felt so crushed with hurt..
I felt like ripping out my heart
That loved you so much.
Today I realised that I loved alone
Today I hurt more than I ever thought I’ll be.
Today I hate you more than I ever did.
Love, Vicky!!


Dear James!!

“I hear you!! For all the while I have been with you, spent time with you, loved u..made loved to you, spent most of my waking moments and sleeping moments with you..
You think the first thing -i’ll do is to run into another man’s arms..in less than a week?
Let alone spend a night.
I dont care to ask you what you’v been up to since this past week till today because we have been having a rought patch down this relationship, but we both know what..so I’ll not kid myslef let alone torture myslf to even ask..because its pointless.
We both know.
But if u think I was away n spent a night out..it shows you never knew me.
For more than 18 months the only man that knew me..knew me, my body..me.. that way has only been you..
You think am like those other girls?
What do u take me for. ? so your friend Tom said something about seeing me elsewhere or because I told him I wasn’t at home at the moment…..those that mean I was out all night..so effing what?..
You need to know you ask..
You dont assume.
You dont say it for a fact and feel like a god amongs men feeling all proud of urslef.
See james, Am not you. Am not you.
So yes u lied to me. I never did that to you. So if you dont know this about me then you never knew me at all.
And that’s just sad. Really sad. HOpe you cleared ur doubts well. Hope my supposed “night vigil” gives you the pride of. Justifying your own acts and behaviours and devices whom been carrying out.
There you go! Justify all that you’v done to me. I don’t care. Am done caring. Am done breaking my head over you. Am done trying to please you. Am done loving you in ways you’ll never love you. Am done trying to see past your faults and am done believing all the bullshit crap you keep spewing from your mouth of lies.
Everyday I find out some more sinister about this all falsehood called a relationship..everyday..I find out what you say behind my back..what you do..everyday new daggers are thrown..up until now u kpet throwing them..you done with me right?, you have been telling me and I havnt wanted to listen..?
You are tired of sugacoating it, better now than latter right?
You dont love me that way..
I am nothing to you?…
oh I hear them now..loud and clear.
James, now am listening. I hear you. I am gone!
Everyday I sit and miss you..am done!!
. I wish u’ll come back..but am done wishing!!
I hear you today,..the begining and the end of US….james I hear you.
You can say what you want to say about me, that less than a week of our supposed misunderstanding and quarrel I was out and shagging. I dont care. Because you know thats not true.
Because I loved you with everything.
I gave you my everything.
up ontil today.
You say you didn’t break up with me. YoU did. So dont try and twist it. Don’t!!
Just leave me the heck alone and stay away from me. You said we are done. So be done!
Stop calling me, asking to say me or want to talk to me..
Stop saying things like ” I miss you”
” I still love you”
You ended it with me.
You didn’t give me an explanation.
You didn’t care about my feelings.
So stop saying things like “this time you’ll make it right.”
Because you had all the time in the world and you still messed it up.
Am done waiting around for you to grow the Eff up.
Am done taking all your bulshit and am done been treated like shit.
You treated me like a joke..
Well james…amma leav you as though its funny!! I still love you but untill you are a man and grow some extra pairs of balls and fix what you broke…am not gona stick around anymore. You said you wanted out right..there….now lemme alone.
I hear you….
………………………..Go to hell!!
Love. Loila!!
P.s…Don’t hurt the heart that loved you! Hurts like a bitch.

P.s.s …”Is it just me or the atmosphere here is really intense?
Ok…luvlies, hope you like my lil doses of LeTters of Thorns…like I said..it holds no resemblance nor similarities to any person, circumstance nor situation…so whatever funny thoughts you deduce from it..you are truely entirely responsible…
Tho..doesn’t it get you thinking the amout of pain oozing from these gals! Mehn…you’all dudes gatto take it easy…what the hell..you either love truelly or don’t love at all..nothing cute about lying..you know girls are emotional like that. …love is a beautiful thing..don’t spoil it for the rest of us who believes in the damn thing..
Cupid you sly bastard..!be careful who you shoot those arrows to! *straight face*


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