We Gone Did It!!

……One Year done walker….we still dey carry go..nobody walker, nobody drop so low..Baba God, Na your help oh..its because of you..We still De oh….!!!

It took a year..but it ends today..
Nigeria called..We obeyed..
we served our father’s land..with honour..and valour..
No lopeholes..but with strenghts if great hopes..
no restrictions.. No extensions..
no shortcomings..but just our bright upcomings…

And Today..we sign out…with no delay.. Lord its been You all the way.
You began with us, and as we end it today may You also be with us..
I thank you for your infinite mercies and grace, love and favour, not just for me, but for my family and friends..whom I gat nothing but love for..
“My Durh Gals..chaims, Rheems, Ericks,Seyi and ofcos Urs truelly, and ofcos the rest of the SOCIOLOGY Gang..Clas’ of O8/012,
and the most amazing people and friends I met @ Nsit itai Camp/UYo/Akwa ibom..and my fav people…
“The Finish work masters..”Gucci,Chi-Eze,Mr NDCash and urs truelly..”Sweetness”..
we drop it like its hot. Love ya’all to death.
My PPA budds..from Aka offot..the best, my Udo-ette friends..lols..amazing still..and others too numerous to mention..am glad you’all have been my friends..in the time of our lives.
….. And even if it has to end today..and this chapter closes..the memories we have woven and the bonds we have had..would never fade and a new chapter in our lives begins..one of new opportunities, hopes and better begins. ..so from my heart..and utmost gratitude to my family for their love and support, to My awesome father in heaven..and all those concerned..!!
HaPPY POP people. Luv ya’all munchios!!….
In other related mata..We came, we saw and conquered..!
Akwa Ibom..”We were here”..POP finally over!! Thank U Lord..its all YOU!!*Screams and runs around with khaki and jungle boot…*snickering*!!!…
…its a throwback thursday afterall!!


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