……Have you ever wondered why people saying..”Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”…?
Wouldn’t you want, in the realistic of senses have your enemies further away from you as humanly possible as they can get?
If its possible they go extinct or in another planet..its fine by you. Or if you heard they got hit by a bus or got ran over by a train’ll probably dance naked on the streets and kiss all the mad men because your happiness would know no bounds…”Your enemies are gone and done for”…..who would ever cast an evil eye on you now or wish you the most devilish evil things?
……Its plan statics..enemies plus you equals disasters…which equals misery. But you minus enemies equals peace which equals dig?
So really? Woundnt the world be a better and safe place?
How about the saying..”The devil you know is better than the angel you don’t know”…ok doesn’t this contradict everything you know and was taught and brought up with?
The devil equals evil which is bad. The angel equals wings/lols/ but seriously think angels you think fairies and wings but all white with a small circle-like crown hovering over their heads, peaceful and lovely looking persons but they are perceived as good and heavenly.
Now having gotten that all simple discription out of the way…which of them would you rather want to know, say hang with and trade all your secrets and lifelong dreams with??
The angel. So tell me, doesn’t it contradict itself. I’ll rather know the angel than the devil. But yet its the other way around. I’ll tell you why.
…..The humanoid race..the earthlings…you and I have this sort of twisted mentality that bags curiousity. Say for instance, a business man..doing quite ok goes into business with, say his lifelong friend..and somewhere along the line he finds out that this is friend has been stealing from him..all these years, and he didn’t know because his friend was smart about it plus..he was stealing averagely and not greedily so that the man gets his money but its half the price of what he has been selling his product for “supposedly if he is into product selling/commodities/” and he pockets the rest. But because the half already seems large and bulky enough he doesn’t notice. And well ofcourse he tells him that’s the exact amount.
At the end of the day, the said man makes his money, no fuse no hustle. And the other man , his friend who keep stealing the money continues the hustle, no fuse. He let’s it be after finding out.
He considers,”
what if I sack this friend of his and bring in a total stranger, and he does thesame thing?”
” Also, what if this stranger decides to steal more and make me bankrupt?
So is it not better if I stick with him, though, very wrong that he steals from me but atleast am still getting my way or the other though half. Than for me not to get anything at all or little which is close to nothing.”

Thus…”The devil I know is better than the angel I don’t know”

And we, they, people in generall allow this thought, this fear control them and cause them to remain in horrible depreciating situations,predicaments, in their homes, offices, carear,life etc.
This in itself is a bondage. Which whould be gotten rid of else, there would be no form of progress..”The fear of the unknown” how about this…”Take a leap of faith, and fly”
…..Kick out that defect in your life, trust me, you’ll be freer without it/them/or what’s.
All this twisted notion has crippled friends,familys etc because you think you can’t survive or live or make it because to do away with that person might bring it someone worse..which is not always correct. The next person in your life, your business,your carear or your anything can be the next best thing to ever happen to you.
So screw the whole…bullshits and kick’em out of the door.
…….One very sad truth about friends. Now I don’t mean 100% of friends you have.
Not everyone of them have your best interests at heart.
In truth you can mEet someone and he/she might be the most wonderful friend in the world. Be there when you need them. Give you a shoulder when you cry. Tell you the truth when everyone else would lie to you. Wait for you when everyone else is gone. Hold your hand in the dark. Scold you when you are wrong. Love you unconditionally. Share in your laughter,pain and gain.
Totally be your sister,brother ecetera. Yes, trust and believe that we may meet such rare jewels in our lifetime…those people you will have to cherish them and be for them as they have been for doubt. Its a beautiful thing, that sort of friendship. But its rare, not very common..but its there and can be found. Don’t lose those friends.
But they are also friends who can pretend to be those things and can actually live up to that expectations but they aren’t your friends. They are there for inner purposes….
Drain you, influence you wrongly, archieve and promote themselves while leaving off you, benefit from you, they are takers and never givers. They are envious of your happiness,joys and achievements. They wish it unpon themselves and when they find an apportunity to have what you have…they leapt at it like tigers on a prey.
Trust me, they would be there for you only to get what they will get at the end. They will laugh and smile when you are smiling, but look within…the smile never reaches their eyes. Once you are doing better than them…they would wisper to anyone how you enrich yourself and equip yourself but never them. Like they expect you to owe all that you are to them.
Like your entire existence is to their credit.
They would be like an angel to you. You wouldn’t be able to tell the deference.
Truth be told!!
There is a reason why the good book #the holy bible# said “the heart of men is desperately wicked”
Because God knows the devish things that a man can concoct and thing and abhour in his heart for his fellow men.
If only we had the ability to see and discern all thoughts and hidden sure we would be shocked to our bones what a friend that just smiled and told you am happy for your success a minute ago would be saying in his or her heart. Smh!!
These people are the Frenemys of our time. They are our friends but our enemies to our existence.
I don’t think anyone was born evil. But people become wicked and devious, by choice, subconscience and otherwise.
So, we should be careful of the choices we make, the friends we keep…no one knows what the other holds in his heart.
Life has delt us some of its worse cards….elbowed by friends.
Know these, have you realised that people who have been betrayed by others got betrayed by their friends or someone close to them?
Look at our movies, even real life events…don’t we see the pattern there? Its usually someone who we never suspect because they are closer to home..instead we would be searching the whole wide world for moles and evil pepetrators, we forget to go home and look in our houses but by the time we see it its already too late , we already have a daGger in our chest and the twisting is done by the one we would take a bullet for..only that its the person whose finger is on the trigger.
Trust me, and don’t get it twisted.
Its good to have friends. No man is an island. But its safer to be cautious, tell them what they should know, try to know who is actually your friend and who is just trying to suck you dry and leave you to hang out.
…Once bitten twice shy..they say.
….They say, show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are..
Its all in the discernment baby!!
….Listen….to the tiny voices in your head. They don’t lie. They give you intuition. They prick you and tuck at you begging you to see decide. ..listen to the voices in your head. They talk to you..they are called…-the tiny voices!!!
………………..BEWARE of the FRENEMIES…….!!! Been there, done that..its way safer to listen.


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