…I never thought I’ll miss, the little thoughts of joy,
it crepts up on you, Just when you least expect it,
but take note not to brush
it aside just because,
its the very essence of life,
that comes without total loss.

…I never thought for once, why life is as hard as it looks,
It’s ups and downs slopes..that goes up like moutains never ending,
Hits you from the most painful,
Mulches and spit you out just thesame,
But fail to never learn..what life tries to teach you..
Because what its all about..is a lesson we would do well to heed..
Because life’s journey is based on your perception..
Of understanding the world..without much deception..
Despite all the hassles, struggles and all tribulations..
We are glad nonetheless..
To be part of a world..with and without its totall mess.

…..I never thought to say..goodbye to the one that was lost..
He smiles where that of a happy child…
His company was such that gave mother a delight..
His name a comfort..a promise of something good to come..
A father’s pride..a brother’s friend..a sister’s guide..a mother’s heart..
A generation to have proceeded out of his loins..but cut short..by the evils of our days….never to be seen again.._untill the day we all shall rise again..
and be joined in an everlasting embrance..never to depart again
Gone to soon…but never forgotten..
A brother, a friend..a family, a loved one..but kept in a heart that never ceased to beat.
Adieu..adieu..adieu..oh thou brother of mine.

……I never thought I’ll understand,
the ways and actions of man..
Who forgets that every moment matters..and shouldn’t banish it with such ease..
Forgetting to know
that the future is built on the present not the past..
Never taking moments for granted..
Never failing to live in the NOW..
Never failing to cherish the little things..
That life is summed up about
To love when you feel it..
To cry when you bleed it..
To scream when needs be..
To accept when defeat beats..
To surrender when life wills it..
But to stand up and fight..Never giving into it..
To laugh when joy sounds it..
To make love when hearts deem fit..
To make heaven..never forfeit it..
To make a family when the ring fits it..
To bask in the ambience of good things..
To appreciate all these little things..Never forget it..
Life comes in all shades of gray..
All that matters is who is looking through the rays..

Just take a minute to realise it..
Why we never fail to understand it..
And yet it eludes us as we try to fully comprehend it..
But one thing is for sure..
We never thought ..things would be the Way it turned out to be…
We must have had all our lives thought out..
Yet somewhere along the line..it all got messed up at some point..
Some of us where lucky..we didn’t take a hard hit as the rest of us..
Maybe we did things right..maybe we just as badass as they come..
We aren’t were we wanted to be at this point in our lives..
But admit it, we aren’t were we used to be..
Some of us are actually grateful..to be still moving..because finally..
We never thought for once..we would make it thus this far..
..And for that..despite the hassles..the strains and life’s hiccups..good or bad..
We should be atleast..eternally grateful.
…..God has a reason for all of it…
Patience is a viture..yes rare..but needed…to trust,listen,follow, and a huge amount of faith…
I don’t mean to get spiritual..
But let’s face it….
We all need a miracle in our lives….
Why not go to the One who started the Miracle of life in the first place….
I swear…HE ROCKS!!!

…..I never thought….yet I knew….am made for bigger and greater things….what about you??



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