LOOk UP !!

Crisis..crises..life is so full of biases.
Racism..critisims..all in the shades of hoodism.
Lies..cries..fights..eventually does dies..
When we stop our insane life displays and look up up..to where the father stays..heaven divine..glorious with shines.

Anger,envy, lust, to covet, fornicate, to steal…”The evils” of sin..can be displayed as red for it screams danger…but all this goes away..when a sin for a sin..is replaced for salvation for the blood of Christ…proven and tested..glorious divine..when we look up up..and surrender ..all..to the father…GodAlpha..GodOmega..God Glorious…impecable in His ways.

Struggle’s and tribulations…downfalls and upheavels…all this tends to sway us from what’s ahead. But hold fast..do not lose sight. Look up! Lift your hands even higher..let the calves of your lips..proclaim goodness…let the heavens hear ..let the father say…let them obey..oh glorious divine!!

Death..earthquakes..strife..frustrations…all this should’nt be our portions..
We are conquerors..God-made warriors..
why stand in fear and forget we were made to withstand the worse-offs.
“Armours and shields”…in. “The Bible,Praise and Prayers”… have we forgotten what these three weaves into?…”INDESTRUCTIVE POWER OF CHRISt”..
Who dares stand before the lord’s Heritage..His chosen generation. His Royal Priesthood…”JESUS”..The Hero in Us..The Champions we ARE”..
So look up from life’s horrible displays…to the heavens…Chant halleluyiah…To God..His Glory is divine..Wonderful! Wonderful..So wonderful!!

It won’t be easy..to let go and let God.
Don’t believe the worst..nothing is impossible..
Never say..” God take a chill pill..I can handle this..I need this now..this! this! right here is my chance now or never..Lord! Yours “everything you have instore for me can wait/ come later”…He is concerned. So sit back..surrender, let God take the will..enjoy the ride.
You have doubts! Look up!!
You have fears..Look up!!
You have come short…Surrender All..look high up.
Don’t bow your head in continual shame..Look UP!!
When life hits you like a wrecked train..Look up!
When your happiness is overflowing..yes..Look up..be grateful..be thankful..oh grateful heart!!
Look up..to the heavens..to where the father is..where his Glory abounds..where his mercy reigns..where His love is unconditional..
where his wings is a shield..
Where life begins and never end..
Don’t miss Him..
Don’t look away..and miss what’s important..concerntating on that side…and salvation passes you by.
Look UP!!
Be happy!
LEt Go and LET GOD..”Look UP! Heaven divine..Glorious with shines..GoD Ahpla..GodOmega..GOD Glorious divine.
..Right Now..Look UP..DO you SEE what has been on your blindside….Yes!! LOOK UP…SEE HIM!!



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