Aarghhhss n Brrrrrhsss!!!

Hey fam!!
Happy new month..sorry for the late thought….I was…heck!! Never mind. Excuses are for sissies. Better man up and take responsiblities for your actions like a grown ass man, or as the case may be, Woman *wide grin*
….So how ya’all doing?
You know, there has been series of events and I don’t know where to start from..
I could actually rant about how horrible it is working 24/7 and barely time to sleep, or have a social life, mondays through saturdays..january through december and seeing your loved ones like once in a decade if you live like 4-7hrs away. You can’t do that back and forth on a sunday…you’ll barely have time to say “HI”..and then..”BYE”..and be shooting your ass back to place of work.
How PAY–DAY takes a hell lot of time before its been “PAID”. Like its not enough you work your ass off..they still delay aweek or more extra on the benjamins..phew!! That can be frustrating and downright killing at best. You just wana call the management up and bite off their heads, but just for the sake of love for humanity…..
Heck hell na!!..
For the honest sake of “that’s the only place your bread is coming from at the moment and once you “bark” they let you loose, possibly without pay like you never existed”
So, you’ll see boys and girls, not smiling, calming themselves like hope in search of possibbilites untill the fat lady sings.
Dude that shit can hurt big time.
Maybe I should possibly vent on the excessive bills piling up my table when its supposed to be free..we talking about, light, water, security and what-have-you- bills..that shouldn’t be coming because you staying at staff lounge..or let me not be entirely unrealistic….let’s say,such bills that should have been on a normals just skyrocketted to bills that have been going on 2yrs outstanding. And you go like, “What”??
I just got in..what the hell do I need to pay such outrageous bills for.???like seiously.
Apparently I gat no choice…*sighs*..life is just a bag of kpekeres.
Maybe I should just scream and tell you how much I need a vac in the bahamas, or some sexy island beach where I can soak my feets in the clear rich and cold crystal water, and feel it on my skin as I swim through…possibly soak myself in a warm bath afterwards, and sip on champagne and nip on strawberries and deeped’in vanilla chocolates and ofcouse sweet biscuits.
Then..get a dose of TLC!!
Mehn *shudders* …too much?
Most definitely not!!
But No…I get stressed, tired and miss home..*sad*

But hey *shakes myself*..*forgot am supposed to be a strong and independent woman*…
I can handle. I can deal. Right. Right?
*oh crap I hope so*..


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