Same Sweet God!!!

While the earth turns on its orbits,
While the sun swallows the darkness
While decades unpon decades rolls by,
While the year goes round 365 days,
He is the same sweet God.

While the child is been formed, nothing but feotus in his mother’s worm,
While he grows and learns to see right from wrong,
While he becomes a man and tills the ground, and calls a companion his own,
While he runs around with his offsprings and brings joy to his household.
He is the same sweet God.

While the choas and misfortune fills the earth,
While the heathen curse him and pleasure themselves
While they assume he is naught but a fiction, a mere legend told to children to cast fear on them to stay on the right part,
While they continue to feed the flesh and abandon the spirit.
He sees, he is heart broken, man would strike, but him? He spares and forgives. Why?
He is the same sweet God.

While the believers worship him in spirit and in truth,
While they go forth bringing more lost Sheep to their place of comfort and rest,
While they cast away worldly pleasures and take on the armour of the spirit,
Laying up treasures in heaven,..
He sees, he is over-joyed..and surely, prepares a place for he has promised.
He is the Same sweet God.

While midnight turns to day,
While a child grows and becomes all gray,
While the harmattan turns to rain,
While green turns and fades,
When all the earth passes away,
Our God will remain.
He is the same sweet God.

Oh how wonders foretold,
A God that never ends
One that remains, through it all.
While man will outlive him, all creatures alike.
While angels adore him, demons fear him, humans depend on him,
He stands tall, illuminating all darkness,
Holies of holies, precious Lord divine.
No matter what comes and goes,
Come what may.
He is the same sweet God.

That same sweet Lord, today , tommorrow and forever the same.
His promises never fails.
His words never come back void.
His love ever divine.
HIs mercies ever true.
His protection unbreakable,
His favour ever powerful.
His direction always right
He is not a man. He is spirit.
And he is God.
The same sweet God! Halleluhiah!!!


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