Master of Heaven.Father of Love

Love and those little things!!

From dust we came to, to dust we would return,
From rib she was formed and him, that rib was made his own
To love to care and to protect to own.
That’s a definition to our own kind of love.

But I’ll give you an insight to God’s love divine.
He’ a mistery we can’t phantom
He’ not flesh and blood, not even a man
Yet he walks amongs us, breath and lives
A God amongst men. A God amongst gods.

He’ made darkness light..” He Brightens”
He’ separated water from land..” He Divides”
He made the birds of the air.. ” He Creats”
He made animals,in pairs to walk the earth…”Creative”
He created man in his image and likeness..”Beautiful”
He’ great God gave him dominion over them…” Weilds Power”
He ordered “be fruitful and multiply”..” He Commands”
His blessings were a surety…”His Grace”

His power undeniable.
No man weilds such power.
No man dares to command and his words would take form and do what it was set out to.
But Father Lord divine..his words never come back to him “Void”

I’ll tell you why? Just by the spoken word;

He made the blind to see..
He made the cripples walk..
He rose man from the dead
He made the barren bear children
He healed the issue of blood
He gave sinners another chance
He defeated warriors
He set prisoners free
He made ordinary men kings
He gave up what was his for us to be free

What manner of God is this?
That he would allow his son to lay down his life for us?
To set us free from our trangressions
That is God’s love.

Over the years, we have told stories down to our children’s children distorting the truth or not emphasing the love of our father.

Do not be fooled.
God is not a myth.
He is not a man.
He is ominpotent

Stil what manner of God is He?

He gave us life
He showed us the way.
He made it easy
He protects us
He keeps us
He provides for us
He guides us with his wings
He takes charge over us

You don’t believe?

What more do we need?

How do we wake up unharmed on a daily?
How do we till the ground in sweats and get to rip the fruit of our labour?
How does a child form and is born?
How do we get to see or hear?
How do we come and go unscarred?
How do we explain all the goodness in our lives?

Isn’t this prove enough?
Isn’t God Love?

What more do we need??

Other than give praise!
Give thanks!
Hold no grugde!
And live right!
Be holy!
Make heaven!
Take people with you!
Live eternally behind those pearly gates of heaven!!
Where a place is prepared for you.

Never forget the love of God.
For God is Master of Heaven! Father of Love!!!



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