From the unknown to the known!!

Contrary to what you’ve been told..
Contrary to what you’ve been warned about..
Contrary to your beliefs and set faith..
Nothing is at it seems..

Often times we get carried away by the superfilious and therefore we lose depth of what should be and not what ought to be…
We accentuate our thoughts and actions on what we supposedly think and not what is right..
We lose focus..we lose definition and we lose self…and once you’v missed all of’v got nothing.

Life has a way of shocking you out of your joints and make you face discomforting situations that we never plan for..
The people you come in contact with on a daily bases has the ability and capability to marr or make you..but its left for you to let them.

We have been made or created and therefore given a very vital gift…”The ability to decide” “FREE WILL”..

God would have easily just forced his will on Adam and Eve. But instead he allowed them the will to choose, without putting them under pressure or causing them to have fear.
And because of that free made a choice to eat frm the tree of good and evil, regardless of the outcome.

We must therefore take responsibilty of every of our actions, which is the morality of the story. Pointing fingers and shifting blames haven’t gotten man anywhere, it didn’t do the early man good so why should you be any different.?

Yes there is always an exception to the story, thinking you are the exception is a wrongdoing on your path and a downtown to your own fall.

We wake up every morning and plan our day..we work and sweat and eat and lay. Have we taught to ourselves what this life is? What this fight of good and evil is all about? What will happen at the end? Which side would we end up on..?

What if at the end of the day what we trully believe is a lie and what we doubted is the truth.
What if at the end of it all..God is just a man and hell fire is just a story in myths and legends and those who died remain dead and no angels and heaven but just sun,moon, stars, rains, feotus, child, boy,man, old and gray, death and no more??

What if we were wrong?
What if all the knowledge we got were scraps of a mad man’s mind..??
What do we know?
How do we know what we know?
Who told us what we know was the truth?

For a fact can we proof we know what we know just because we believe what we know as the truth and therefore what we know must be right regardless of what is originally known to be known as the truth???

Or we know what we know because we were told to believe it because someone told us its the truth as he was told was the truth by another fellow who believed from another fellow who read it because it was given to him by another who believed it was written and so so and lots of many ons..

What do we know?
There are many misteries in the world
Even the mind sometimes can’t phantom its existence..
From nothingness to life.
From darkness to light
From old gray and barren to the bearer of a child
From dust to flesh
From the unknown to the known

How do we begin to copple our divided thoughts and believe together?
How do we make sense of what is senseless?
How do we hope in the hopeless?
How do we cope and put back all our broken pieces together?

How do we live undettered from our goals?
How do we focus in a world of chaos?
How do we remain sane in a saneless world..
How really?
How do we do it??

It is safe to say we walk our walk, base our faith, make our life from the point of the unknown to that to the known.
We set out first without trully knowing how the day would end, even if we believe we have it figured out.
Trully, we don’t, its just figments of our imagination.

But still, we amazing we are. Despite the uncertainty of the world, despite not knowing where it leads, we wake up each morning hoping, planing and achieving.
our minds are fashioned in a way that
Once focused, we don’t get deterred.
We are strongwilled, assured and confident despite the unknown.

And that has been our model, just because we don’t know all the more reason to plan ahead.

That is our own special gift to ourselfs..
Not allowing the unforseen rule them or restrict them.
Life despite its cloaked nature..we still see because we believe and because we believe we achieve.

But despite it all, there is one thing in all certainty..
There is a universal explanation to all this, there has got to be.
We didn’t just creat ourselves and formed the whole.
We didn’t evolve out of monkeys as scientist would have us believe.
There is that feeling we just can’t trully shake but we know..
Be it human spirit or God..
It is more than our eyes can see and mind can phantom.
There is a mistery to this world. And its definitely not scraps off a mad man’s mind.

But what would we rather believe?
Which report would you believe?
Would you rely on your unknown certainty or would you open up your mind and believe the impossible.
There is a God out there..
And He has kept his own part of the bargain..
I think its time we kept ours

From the unknown to the known..where the mind dares to embrace..clarity illuminates..understanding penetrates..and all doubts and unsures swallows itself up and then just there do we begin to see the beauty of what we dared not believe in the first place;

Heaven, Hell, Angels and demons.
All real. Not just a story book to scare the wits out of us..where does your loyalty lie?

A God true and true. Being there in the begining of time. Love unconditional. Mercy breaking through stongeholds. Favour unlimited. Sacrifical. Blessing untold.who never fails.!!! Give life eternally. No death no pain just joy unspeakable.


The prince of darkness. Failure his name. Deceit his watch word. Grave his utmost desire. His favours are a catch for something more deadly. His upliftement is a sit to dine with the devil. No love no mercy no grace no face. Vain riches, soul sell-out and death eternally is what he can only promise.

On whose good books would you rather be?
Despite what we are, who we are and what we do..we must come to a mutual understanding.
This world is full of misteries, and despite our doubts,aspirations and thing is certain. God will remain God. Best be on his side then.


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