Jars of Broken Hearts!!!

“I swore..Never again!! Never again!! Will I ever feel the sting of torns of roses. Let my guard be dropped and get my beautiful soul be shattered into pieces.. I swore it, and yet again. I staggered with pain, even now..as I allowed the unforseen, I let the smirk and the drawls pull me back in..and now I bleed, I bleed jars of broken hearts””!!

“I swore..Never again!! Never again!!
To believe in those empty words of affection.
Let my eyes be blinded by the show of pretence,
Give in to the pool of “I’ll make this right where others have failed”
Fell heads over hills unknown that I was hitting the hard flow of current that ensured the rise and high of the emotion tide.
I swore it..and yet again..I staggered headlong into the depth of confused emotion and depleted fools. And now I bleed..I bleed jars of broken hearts.”!!

I Swore..Never again!! Never again!!
To lose myself in the depth of another..
let the arms of desire caress the essense of my being.
Allow the kisses of want torment my outer cores..
To let the unspoken word speak volumes of quiet nonsense into my ear..
Or give in to the demons within this facade of romance and let the relief of utmost entwined fullness sprout shattering our roots and leaving us breathless in fulfillment..
I swore it..and yet again..I staggered being weak of soul and dire need of that feeling of a million dollars and priceless jewel I failed to see the dust of the hands and packed bags across the hall and kiss of the rose petal goodbye.
And now I bleed..I bleed..jars of broken hearts!!

I Swore.. Never again!! Never again!!
To believe in fairy tales and forever afters..no love stories could be in that perfect unison of pure hearts.
To fantasy over a handsome prince and cinderella, snow white and prince charming,because they are children stories of palaces and fairy god’s mother and magic and wands to keep the mind hearty and flowery.
To believe every word that comes out but to first look between the lower drawers if the bulge as suddenly risen and the eyes are twitching.
To accept what is given without thoughts and succumb to every command without will..but insist to deserve to be treated better in honour and settling for less is a confusion of what is and not what it is ought and so its in no discussion whatsoever. Its that or nothing.
To believe that the show of love and affection is a fool hardy’s game for young hearts and unfocused boys..but to understand that true love cripples a man and let’s a king feel like a god in the eyes of his beloved because it makes him feel like a kit in the sky amongs stars.
I swore …and yet..when the right words are said to confuse the heart and the mind is wrapped up in the cloak of that beautiful dream..
I fail to see past the pleasantries and see through what’s hidden far from my grasp..the truth of a corrupt mind.
I fail to unmask the bed of thorns that have skillfully tattoed its scars connecting dots and crossing Ts..reveiling the paths of one fallen into the depth of love oblivion of nothingness.
I failed to see that it was a facade that was never there..and now..its too late to turn back the clock but live on regrets and had-i-knowns and i-wish.
I failed to say No. Allowing them sweat it off and see who is still standing.
I failed and jumped right in to the pool of swivel unknown I was giving out what was to be kept in awe and treated with utmost care…
I failed and I believed and now..
Am burning, pools of water hurriedly trek down the contours of my face.
Pain like fingers clutch the heartbeat of my heart suffocating me..
Am breathless and try to break free…but am sinking into the sand of fireflies of dismay and misery..that goes on in time memorom..today I heal. Tomorrow the cycle begins and I find myself back here..broken,shattered and bleeding…bleeding… jars of broken hearts!!!


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