In The Streets of Naija!!!

In the streets of Naija..
A land vast and green..
The Giant of in oil and resources..beautifully intricated..culturally integrated..tribalistically and fair of skin..strong and bold as steel..And yet yet..
Poverty lingers..leaving hunger in its wake.
Children hawking..cripples begging..organisations in up in chaos..
And Yet..yet..
The rich are living in splendour and barricaded by bulletproofs..the vanguards singing their praises..what they promised (but none ever fulfilled)..their pockets drip with tons of coins..coffers jingling with noise of stolen riches.. Their family overseas and wealth spread across seven seas..
And yet..and yet..
The total darkness that’s hovers over the desecated streets..the lack of clean water to feed the masses..the flies that spread across the forgotten dead on the pathway..the ocean that oozes the waste of materials dumped by foreign companies given the go-ahead of our leaders who cares for the joy that wealth brings and not what the masses need.

Our leaders, who sits on its trojan horse and dish out orders like the sword of xerxes..commandering only what benefits them..
And yet..and yet..
We the improverished grobble at what we have..
On bended knees we beg to live..
On stranded sides we do more jobs to stay ontop..
On hopeful deeds we pray we are lucky..
On dire needs we fall into crime and then on springed hills..they come and affirm what they originally purpose..”We are nothing but this…the bad lot and must be removed. Bad vices and corrupt gang.”
They kill us and burn us in our masses..they throw the tire..pour the fuel and lit the fire..and condemn us to our fate..and yet and yet..they made us this way..
What happened to the promises they made..
What happened to the kids they promised a home on the streets?
What happened to the schools promised a sound education?
What happened to the jobs to save a thousand souls?
What happened to the roads they promised to fix that caused a million lives..
What happened to the men in hood with knives and guns..the fanatics for their religion that they promised to keep us safe from but has taken away both child,brother,sister,mother,father..a thousand generation swept away in the smoke..that slaughter..that flood?
What have you our leaders done??
And yet and yet…
Behind closed exchanges hands..alliances are made..publicly appreciated…secretly plotted..devotedly corrupted ..and yet and yet..
The country detoriates..after many decades of independence..after years of supposed achievements..
The streets of naija..lingers bad feeling of forebearing..
That child pulling your dress asking for drink of water or money to stay alife..that well unhealthy yet a livelihood for some.
That family owed and forced to live below standard.
That worker retrenched due to the instability of the country.
That part of the city forgotten..
Young people thus takes matters into their hand..anger,aggression,depression, violence and “I must chop too” takes the lead..
Parents rendered childless..
Families because hopeless..
In the streets of najia..
This was not the dream dreamt by our forebearers.
And yet and yet..
They feel nothing out of the ordinary.
Life is good. Take what you can when you can and get out when you can. A win win right?
They forget..we are their own.
We are one..we stand together come what may..
And yet..yet..
We are being robbed our birthright. A rightful position in the right standing of things…we are left alone. Forgotten. Driven out. Abandoned. Unfed. Unclothed. Unloved..
They forget..we are here..we are here..!!!
Part of them..we are also them..
And yet..yet..
In the streets of naija..
We are the ones ..lingering..hoping..begging..out of place..standing out in the the thousands of faces..hoping that someone would look our way..and make everything all right..
And yet and yet..
In the streets of naija!! No one bothers..and as becomes a circle of a bad nightmere..a twist of fate..where the rich becomes richer and the poor becomes poorer..
The survival of the fittest!!
How do we survive when we aren’t fit for battle…
And there its a merry go-round..a circus play..a failed end..
In the streets of Niaja..where reality comes to play..forget the stories from magazines and tvs..
Its a bloody sad twisted irony..tho..the Giant of Africa..yet..we are likend to a beautiful vase outwardly..and within..cobwebs of improverishment and corruption and laxity and all evil vices and yet..and yet…the scale remains..
Where did we fall short from?
When did the hope go to!!
Is there anyone out there..??
Listening to the sound of our cries..
Listening to the voices of the unspoken hearts..
..Listening..just listening…
We are here!!!
…In the streets of Naija!!


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