Every morning…just as the yawning comes..The twist and turns of the stretches. .The elongated body..The flabbing of hands and the fluttering of lashes as they welcome in the dawn of a new day. Never quite understanding the workings of nature..but nevertheless awaken to the dawn of another day..planning ahead trying to jumpstart and make progress without delay.
We should never forget ..Whilst we slept and snored into the nights..never knowing if tomorrow will come unharmed or we wake up scarred..someone watched over you..protecting and making your future sure…your family and friends too.
Shouldn’t we be grateful at least. .Thankful for all the bad tidings we missed..Thankful for the progress we meet..Thankful for the health and all great things.???
While we rush into the day..planning all things without delay..We should never forget that while we lay..His hands kept us sure and without disarray.
So be thankful at least..go down on your knees..delay not in the least and be thankful for His deeds.
A Lil thanks a Lil appreciation  can seal up the deal..making you into all that you need protecting your family and all that you need..A Lil thanks is all there is to it..
Be thankful!!! Not such a big deal is it????


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