I’ve come to realise that..life isn’t a bed full of roses. But while we are here..we might as well party and might as well make the most of it..plus never forget to plan..achieve..be the best you can be..and give..that’s how you’ll win…
Appreciate those lil things, give..share..love and be happy. Do what’s right..be legit..pray..because prayer is the key to unlock all breakthroughs and give thanks…because thanks ushers in blessings from above..and when God decides to bless you you won’t have eoom enough to take it all in….give honour to whom honour is due…. #DearGod#…Never forsaking the gathering of the brethren… because thal feel of belonging tells you there is no greater joy than sharing that wonderful peace with people who understand exactly what is..
Life is a journey..We learn as we go. Yes we may be hit hard rock and fall hard on our  back..but what matters the most is when we get back up, dust our selves and keep going.
No one can ruin you unless you give them the permission to do so..unless you show them your card of hearts then do they win you leaving you scarred.
No one cares what you’ve been through they just talk…no one should judge you unless they have had the opportunity to walk a mile in your shoes….else they might as well shut the hell up #pun intended..
Don’t be afraid to let the world see your smile. Dont be afraid to rock that stage. You were made for greater things..don’t be fooled by life’s pleasures and forget to make your ways straight. Don’t slumber with others when you should be tilling the soil so when the sun shines you can harvest In joy..
Achievements when carefully scrutinised where made out of rough knees..sweats..sleepless nights and prayer…rough palms…and empty stomachs and hard surface…This gives them focus and appreciation when they finally arrive..
Wealth isn’t handed down from heaven on a platter of gold..people work their ass out to be up there..They don’t have two heads…If you believe it you can achieve it..With hard work, determination and persistence. The road is though…yes it is..still..quitting shouldn’t be an option. The world is big enough for everybody to shine in…don’t let your light go out..shine bright like a diamond. Sparkle like gold. Live your life. Most importantly be you..everyone else is taken. You are beautiful and wonderfully made. So Stop looking down on yourself and don’t let others bring you down either.
I will make it…I will be happy. I may not be where I want but am sure as hell ain’t where I used to be.
# more than a pretty face#Made for greater things#Graced to succeed#Sweetness#Inspire  #TheSweetPerspectives .


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