Didn’t you hear??
The country is going through some post – fuel crises..
Things are literally going haywire. .
I hear..
In the streets of lagos people are literally trekking.
Come out enmass and do the leggedizbenze mehn!!!!
No joke.
And I swear this is not even remotely funny.
You can’t even laugh.
It’s really upsetting.
Am typing these with sweaty palms because the weather is so hot and I  can’t even put on my gen.
Fuel is fast on the increase and in Phcity it’s like equivalent to a bottle of beer.
Thiz is the period guys need to make a decision and remain sober. No need to attend AA classes anymore. Strickly No alcohol. .when you will be reasoning how to get to work the  next morning or shitz like that no body  needs to advice you.
I entered a cab today and I paid four  times the amount I probably would have used to go to my destination to and fro like three times on a normal day…
# Note to self. ..No  careless movements for the next couple of days
And do you know the worst part…We are the ones suffering it more…like it doesn’t even put a dent on their shoulder clip…The handover is most definitely gonna hold as planned..but what’s going to happen to the millions of Nigerians out there hmmmm at the main time?
Blawdy politicians and messed up Government.
Am so pissed!!!
How are the underprivileged even coping. I can’t even imagine.
The trekking trend as gone viral…We might as well…follow suit shie? ?
I hope there is a turnaround soon..
Cos thiz shit ain’t funny…
Hope for a better tomorrow…having faith….trying to be positive…Has to.
…still tho..#Nigeriawhichway..but sha ..#Nigeriawestillbelieve…try not to fall our hands more than you already have…The state of the economy is bad as it is…The corruption and it’s  many vices aren’t even a sight for the sore eyes…Yet we still here…We hope we are still here eventually when all these is over.
We don’t want to look back at nigeria as a past we once lived in..We want to look to the future and say…We made it thus far afterall..a # New Nigeria
..how about ya’all make the chance you speak off hmmm…
We are tired and our bones aren’t strong as it used to be…all we need is a miracle and make us flow like evergreen…afterall…We shouldnt be the Giant of Africa only in name..We got to atleast stand up to expectations…Make sense???

So despite it all…am hoping for a better tomorrow..free of all these. I don’t expect a clean slate overnight but atleast…babysteps is a show of good faith and that’s what we hoping to see before anything. .The willingness to wipe tears away from million of suffering Nigerians. ..and give us a dream to hold on too..#LetOurOwnsSelfBetter…

In other news….
Am typing really fast so my phone doesn’t die on me..
Am hot..
I can’t even watch .my fav series. ..and am hungry and I hate cooking in the dark…
Plus water…*crying*…thiz is just a bad dream…I need to wake up from right?? *slaps self*
Ouch!! that hurts. Most def really life crises. Shit!!!
#Vent101 over and out!!!


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