Be there for you instead!


Have you ever been in a bad situation and you reached out for help and you found out that no one was there…
You literally reach out in the dark and all you feel is that huge deep void of emptyness…like you are grasping for nothing in the dark….?? All you feel or see is nothing…like everyone and everything went up in dark smoke of nothing. It can be disheartening.
We all need someone to depend on..We all need a helping hand…no man is an island on his own…but what happens when you eventually need that hand and it hides itself from you in the direst of situations…where does that leave you…how do you regain that composure gone?
And do you…go on when all hope depended on that…ray of hope that would have brought back the sunshine …and brighten your path.
Life’s games are funny…but being realistic in full measure…..  cant really depend on others especially when you are in the roughest of state and those you think would come to your aid are the ones who push the ladder away so you can’t climb back up. Life teaches you a lot of lessons..One of them is…don’t leave your life expecting a hand-me-downs from people. People only clue themselves to you when its beneficial. ..and when it’s not..They toss you out…and when you are in need they don’t blink. Not entirely ruling out the ones who are just good tho. But majority just don’t care really. You would know true friendship when people stretch out their hands to help without demanding something in return or its conditional.
Point is…no matter what..try as much to depend on you. Work hard. Make your entrance. Be Your own boss. It’s alot refreshing than believing that you shouldnt have a care in the world and when you fall back you have people..friends or even family to pick you right back up. It doesn’t always work that way. Nobody likes a pest or someone ringing them up just cos you need a boost-me-up. They got their own problems too…so you cant blame them can you…
Leave your life as though everything depends on you. Work hard though there is no tomorrow. Don’t always rely on the verges of…my friend  will help or my uncle says…all those can cripple you and make you have a stunted growth…by then it might be too late to get back up..Believing everyone is there for you…thats one mistake you shouldnt make…when you should have been there for yourself…that’s one person who wouldn’t give up on you no matter what.
Life isn’t a bed full of roses..but we might as well try to make it comfortable before we lay on it. Don’t give people the permission to ruin yourlife. ..They can see the forcast but be the one who writes the story…let God be your guide.!……


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