May stumbled out in no rush..leaving June in its wake..fresh and hearty promising nothing short of delight.
Half of the year it stands saparating two halves …One from the beginning the other to the end…like an equilibrium point…situated in the middle..weighing one’s performance and making sure one exceeds expectations.
It comes soon after as the sun rises..raising it’s head peering with no disguise…sure of itself desires no footing of undecisiveness…making sure the auro of its presence is a thing of joy for the mere mortals to exercise all prowess and tune into the ambience of opportunities it holds.
A new month…a new day to behold…a new opportunity to verge into..when may ran unfulfilled…time to replenish loss and task oneself to achieve what’s needed…as June rears it’s beautiful head.
Time waits for no man…June with all its 30 days…Each day a present of itself..and time working faster than a ticking clock..gone before one truly grasps…opportunity gone cannot be found…
Tick tock tick tock…The clock chimes…The day rises…June with beauty unclad..sweet as the sound the melody of the birds chirps..fast on its duties if no one truly understands…
The month of June how happy we are that you are here.
Bear with us..give us time..to savour that greatness prepared and that which lies within…
Another day…another opportunity to relive…graced with God’s blessings..geared towards our find…replenished with our wants…a June of abundance. ..Thankful for God’s wonders…so welcome dear June…In your 30 days …let’s make it great!!
Happy New Month Luvlies!!!


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