Life through the circle of a butterfly!


It was sunny and I felt my cloths clutching to my skin..felt damp. Needed the cool breeze of a virgin rain..gushing on all sides like the waves of an ocean. I was in a garden..I realised. Didn’t know how far I had walked but I have indeed taken a longer stroll than I anticipated. I was patched. My throat felt like dusted clay. No shops close by. I could go back home from the way I came or walk  on down to where the path leads..haven’t thought about it that much. Still being in the adventurous spirit I proceeded without knowing my destination.
I had alot on my mind..but I couldn’t quite find the route to prick my thoughts and pinpoint the dilemma.
But I knew it all summed up into one word…”LIFE”.
This four letter word has everything in emcompassing. It’s the start to finish of every existence.
I had walked a good 30minutez …The sun was coming down…The beaded sweats on my forehead has begun to dry. My cloths lets go and begun to sway happily as the breeze danced a fine tune with them. I relaxed. I noticed a glowing cabin..dully light ..It had a welcoming feel. I ventured. I was welcomed with the sound of sweet music that sounded like Kenny Rogers on the blues..The smell of pancakes almost made me swoon..I toppled over to a table at the extreme. Had a good view of the garden and waterfall just a lil off beside it..I realised I didn’t notice.  A petite waiter comes up to me…she had a pretty smile..I gave her my order..”just cranberry juice with ice and pancakes..chocolate muffin on the side..and a cup of maltezers for nimbling. Thanks!! ..she nodded and walked away with her note pad tucked under her arm.
The cabin had 5-6 people seated..just ok for a lil alone time with self or spouse or intended or just to think. And ofcos the view was lovely.
While I waited …it came back to me..
What is it really??
What use do we have here?? Why is it that no matter how hard you try…it still gets to play the cruellest jokes on us??
Sometimes we figure we got it all under control and the next we are swayed from under our feet and hit our ass hard on the ground.
The waitress had come back bearing my goodies and i was grateful..I felt my mouth watering when I sighted her from afar off..I paid her hurriedly…and dugged in.
My head cleared abit…just then my eye caught something from the window pane outside..I saw the most beautiful butterfly. .petch on the petal …beautiful extricately formed ..flapping it’s wings like it knows it’s on the Broadway of flies..waiting to wow us with its a stunning beauty…and it occurred to me…that life..Our existence  can be likened to that of butterfly..

The butterfly..goes on a circle of inevitability. ..the circle of life of a butterfly has four stages …from the first point …The eggs…tinny  and round…which the girl butterfly lays on a leaf.. which after a few days …it hatches and a worm – like creature emerges..
*The second stage begin.. its called the caterpillar or larve. This worm – like creatures have a very cool pattern..and all they do is eat and therefore grows very fast like their lives depended on it..which ofcos it does..then they begin to shed their outward skin..This is called molting..which they do four to five times. *
*This proceeds to the third stage..The caterpillar makes a chrysalis which is also called a pupa. Here the caterpillar is done growing but it’s body changes…usually brown or green to suit it’s environment. ..more like a chameleon who blends and adapts to its habitat. Its like a protection from harm from predators. They blend in with the trees, branches or leaves. Protection from harm or hurt.This is the resting stage. This is also a preparation for the best of itself. *
The chrysalis opens up and a butterfly emerges..which is the last stage…The butterfly..or an adult or imago. When it first emerges..It’s wings are damp and damp to its body. It’s tired. so it rests. Fully pumps blood into its wings and learns to this point the butterfly has developed fully..With its distinctive beautiful colour..its own unique identity…untold by no one. .preordained. knew itself. .had its own identity different from other same species. ..didn’t need someone or something to tell it…This is the way to go…and when it had come out…sure and true…courageous to face the world…it flabs it’s wings..spreads it as wide as it will go and flies away…undeterred. the mission she knew has to be done…The finding of a mate and the continuation of the unending circle of the butterfly…and the circle goes on and on inevitably so…

Then..With that insight I realised… Life really is just a our stage or evolving place of self…it doesn’t make us or directs us…its just a place to actualise one’s self.
Going biblically …We were nothing but dust yea?…formed out from the dust of the earth. Placed here…given Dominion over everything..The power to rule and we on our own messed it up..”well the first man and woman did..” if we looking to centralize the blame#which is Not far from the truth# Still. .despite our short comings we were given a second chance to make things right for ourselves yeah?
Years and decades and a gizzillion thousand years later…modernization. plays a big role…everything changes..thoughts and believes gets distorted…so..verring from that fact…
..The man is born..of a woman ofcos ..into this life.. (The she butterfly and her egg )…He is given the protection and love and nourishment needed to grow yea?..The feeling of a and togetherness of a family. A bond (eggs laid together..close together on a leave. That’s family.thats a bond). Eventually man grows and begins to make decisions of its own.. (the egg hatches and the worm comes out). He begins to find himself. .how he goes about it and does it ..He is entirely on its own. He toils the earth..He sweats on his knees..He burns the midnight candle ..He weilds the shovel of persuit of happiness…His struggles and pains and how he challenges this obstacles he does on his own (the chrysalis/pupa stage)….He gets really hungry..This is the crucial part of a man’s life. Here he rises and falls..He makes it and it goes. ..He reaches the mountain top or he rolls all the way to the ground. He is insatiable for more. He is tired and tried. He is burnt out and low on fuel. He is hungry and he is entirely on his own. Does he give up..does he go on? All this thoughts pile in ,chocking him out of his very existence. Does he give up? Does he continue till he gets to the top.? He gets different faces and then turns into different phases of life. He curses and blesses..He praises and forbades. .He rises and falls like a spiral of collapsed cards. Still the decision to do good all by himself is left for him to decide. gets the grooming he needs..or does not need. The stage of self actualization comes to play..(the butterfly). At this point of a man’s life..He has seen it in bits and pieces or more and then choices.
At this supposed to know who he is. His purpose in life and what’s he is in it for. The ransom choices and indecisions should have been made and tackled. The uncertainty would have been certained. It’s the stage of a man’s life when he comes out to show the world ..what he is made off and who he truly is. Despite the many life’s struggles..despite the pitfalls and downfalls. The uprising and actualization…everything he worked for or didn’t. .This is the time..He bears it all and show he world who he was enough that the world defined you and blinded you to yourself.
It was enough that he didn’t know his purpose. It was enough he didn’t quite understand that life doesn’t hand down goodies the size of a watermelon.  It was enough the scars on his knees and rough patches of his hands were prove enough that…hard work toiled here…  it was enough that he didn’t have it easy..only made him stronger..but without all this…man wouldn’t have being shaped..remoulded and fine – tuned into what one can only describe as the coming out of one unique.
The butterfly stage…it knew it’s purpose. It defined became unique yet thesame. Eventually man gets to that stage..but without finding yourself you are lost.
So when man eventually decides to brave himself..knowing who he truly is and what he is made for and understanding the stages of life and what’s to expect..One can go through it..despite its hassles..yet..focused and undeterred …knowing your identity. Who you are and what you want can take you to any height imaginable…and the process continuous..from generation to generation…
I laughed..The mysteries of life is just too much to comprehend alone.
Having finished my food..I checked my time..I noticed it was getting dark outside.
I thanked the waitress one more time and strolled out into the evening breeze. I retraced my footsteps to the beginning. .I felt light on my feet…I resolved not to bother myself too much. Life is a hassle they say..yet..Some people make it and others don’t. .it all depends to the way they decide to take it on…but one thing I got…I’ll never lose faith. The world is big enough for everyone to shine..and I will sparkle bright and beautiful..just like a butterfly.


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