Over time…in sweats and out of rest..
We have toiled the soil till no end..
We have watered the seed..still no sprout of growth..
We have laboured..yet in vain..
We have thought God has forgotten us..
God says..He shall give you on every side.

When sorrow strikes as if there is no end..
When night feels darkened by the woes of the enemy..
When the morning comes…The sun begins to shine…God says..”I will give you rest…rest on everyside”.

When the wicked rejoice with the riches of their filth..
When they mock you and break you…
When they curse you and curse God..
When it feels as though you cant go on..God says..”I will give you rest…rest on everyside.

In the midst of trials and tribulations..
In the chaos of violence and death roll
In the presence of the adversary.
In the midst of storms and troubled waters.. .”peace be still!!…For God says..”I will give you rest…rest on everyside”

When it looks as though it’s the end..
When you’ve given your all till its you you have left..
When your hard work seems not to pay off…be patient..have faith..For He said..”I will Give you rest. .rest on everyside”

Do not be troubled.
Do not be afraid
Do not be tempted by the things of this world.
Do not be ashamed to speak forth..
Did I not create you?
Did I not know your name?
If I can take care of the birds of the air and all other living things…why would I forsake you..
Creation of my creation..image of my of my love…perfection of my perfections…”I will give you Rest…rest on everyside..

So let the rains come…
Let the enemies gloat.
Let them devour and mock.
Let them own what they will…
Do not be jealous..
Do not envy..
Just be patient…

Have i not said..”I will prepare a table for you? (in the presence of your enemies)
I will rebuke the devourer for your sake?
I will not leave you nor forsake you?
I will keep my angels charge over you?
I will go before you and after you?
I will give you eternal life..
Just believe and trust me..
Do not be swayed.
Do not be tired..
Take up the mantle of faith..The cloak of righteousness..The spirit of perseverance…The virtue of patience. .
The heart of a believer…and the love for ME..and know..
I do not boast. I am just a proud God
“FOR I AM” and I will give you on everyside…

Here Me today..
For I AM..


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